Legal migration, the proposals of the European Commission to attract talents

eu legal migration
Attracting skills and talent to the EU - a new series of proposals from the Commission to foster legal migration and asylum in Europe.

On April 27, the European Commission presented the communication “Attracting skills and talent to the EU” with a series of proposals to promote legal migration in the EU, as part of the new pact on migration and asylum.

An ambitious and sustainable EU legal migration policy will help to attract talent our economies need, and create safe channels to reach Europe, supporting the EU’s green and digital transition, while contributing to making European societies more cohesive and resilient. Among other things, explains the Commission in a note, it aims at a strengthened legislative framework, with the revision of the Single Permit Directive and the Long-Term Residents Directive.

Table of contents:

  1. Main changes to the European Single Permit
  2. Main changes to the long-term stay permit
  3. EU Talent pilot project for the Ukrainian people
  4. Other changes
  5. Regulatory Framework
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1. Main changes to the European Single Permit

The main changes to the Single Permit (*) Directive include:

  • An obligation for Member States to accept applications filed both in the Member State of destination and from a third country;
  • The 4-month time limit for issuing a decision must also cover the issuing of the requisite entry visa and the time needed to conduct a labour market test;
  • The right for the permit holder to change employer during the permit’s validity. The permit shall also not be withdrawn in the event of unemployment for at least 3 months;
  • New provisions on penalties against employers in case of violations of working conditions, freedom of association and access to social security benefits and to introduce complaints mechanisms.


A simplified procedure for the single permit to combine work and residence will make the process faster and easier for applicants and employers, allowing applications to be made in both third countries and EU member states, and strengthening guarantees for equal treatment and protection from labour exploitation.

(*) A residence permit issued by the authorities of an EU Member State after a single application procedure allowing a third-country national to reside legally in its territory for the purpose of work.
[Resource: EU Commission Migration and Home Affairs]

2. Main changes to the long-term stay permit in Europe

  • The required 5-year period of residence can be cumulative in different Member States. Periods of residence under temporary and national protection, and as students should also be counted;
  • Member States should put in place control mechanisms to monitor the actual residence of investors and ensure that this status is not abused;
  • Improved right to family reunification without integration conditions, with full access to work for family members, and children of long-term residents born in the EU may acquire the status immediately;
  • Facilitated intra-EU mobility.


3. EU Talent pilot project for the Ukrainian people

The Russian invasion of Ukraine created an immediate need to accommodate over 5 million people who have fled to the EU. The first-ever activation of the Temporary Protection Directive allows access to accommodation, schools, healthcare and jobs for Ukrainian nationals and their family members.

This summer, in order to support successful integration in the labour market, the Commission will launch an EU Talent Pool pilot initiative.

The EU-wide platform will help to map and match the skills and qualifications of beneficiaries of temporary protection with potential employers locally or in another EU Member State, taking into account the specific needs of the applicants.

4. Other changes for Legal Migration in Europe

To better match skills with labour market needs, the Commission proposes to intensify operational cooperation at EU level between Member States and with partner countries. Work is already well advanced on a number of key initiatives to address the labour market and skills needs of Member States and partner countries. Following the launch of Talent Partnerships in June 2021, the Commission is now proposing a series of steps to make them operational with a view to agreeing to the first of such partnerships by the end of 2022.

The Commission is also exploring additional modalities for legal migration to the EU in the medium-long term. According to the Commission, it is useful to focus on forward-looking policies in three policy areas: assistance, youth, and innovation.

The goals of the Commission are:

  • Attracting skills and talent in the most underserved sectors in need of a workforce, such as long-term care;
  • Provide opportunities for young people to explore new countries, taking advantage of travel and work;
  • Promote innovation entrepreneurship within the EU and invest in European technological sovereignty.


For further information, you can also access the dedicated Q&A session – Attracting skills and talent to the EU.

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