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Atlasposting is the new Software developed by Studio A&P which allows companies to fully manage assignments of employees worldwide, monitoring all obligations for immigration, taxation and posting workers, minimizing risks for workers abroad and liabilities for the company.

The T.E.M.S. - TRANSNATIONAL EMPLOYEE MOBILITY SOFTWARE project is carried out thanks to the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region
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Video: Alberto Arletti illustrates the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Atlasposting

ELA recognises A&P Software Atlasposting’s cutting-edge technology

European Labour Authority recognizes the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Atlasposting as Innovative Digital Idea at the ELA Tech Conference held in Madrid on February 1st.

“Five years of experience in the field of global mobility and two years of development culminated in the release of the new version of our software Atlasposting. Our software employs artificial intelligence to ensure companies’ compliance with all the relevant regulations for sending employees abroad”

– Alessandro Arletti, Senior Tax Advisor and founder of Studio A&P

unique features of A&P Software

Manage all aspects of employee assignments

Atlasposting Software is developed by Studio A&P to optimize assignments of workers abroad. In fact, companies will be able to manage the entire travel process in one online portal.

With Atlasposting you will manage:


All the entry and stay fulfillments abroad

Safety & Security

Monitor the risk level of the destination Country


Fulfillments for both companies and workers


Tax fulfillments and benefits for workers and the company

obblighi d'immigrazione per la gestione trasferte dipendenti all'estero

entry and stay fulfillments

Manage immigration fulfillments for assignments abroad with our Specialists

The Immigration section of Atlasposting allows you to manage entry and stay requirements for the destination country. Once you upload your assignment to the portal, our Specialists will contact you to support with:

For those countries needing the affixing of a special sticker on the passport.

For those diplomatic representations allowing delivery by proxy.

Studio A&P provides an upfront payment of the consular tax for the obtainment of the visa.

The passport is delivered to the company’s or the worker’s address.

With Atlasposting you will get live updates on your assignments and online storage of all the procedures made for future reference.

risk assessment per la gestione trasferte dipendenti all'estero

for actions before and during the assignment

Monitor risks of the assignment for the highest safety level

Atlasposting has a Risk Assessment division to assess geopolitical, health risks and limits to personal freedom in the destination country.

Through live consultation of risk maps, geopolitical reports and an automatic alert system, companies will always be updated on the status of their workers’ travel.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is an innovative integration within the Software and more generally in this field, rapidly generating accurate and legally valid reports for companies.

The result is a document of high legal value which aims at minimizing risks for workers abroad and prevent companies from incurring civil and criminal liabilities.

fulfillments for companies and employees

Atlasposting to manage posting of workers abroad

A section of Atlasposting is specialized in managing all the requirements when planning to post workers abroad to check in advance all the obligations involving companies and workers.

The portal indeed carries out a verification of all the documents to be prepared for the workers, and of all the obligations of the company. This feature is available for all European countries including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Atlasposting is fully privacy-compliant

The Atlasposting Portal complies with GDPR: the relevant Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has also been conducted, available for consultation.

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