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Atlasposting is the new travel risk management software from Studio A&P that allows to assess potential geo-political and health risks, as well as personal freedom restrictions in the country of destination. Ensuring compliance with ISO 31030 international guidelines and with the Italian legal framework, companies are thus provided with a legally binding document, to protect themselves from possible criminal and civil liabilities.

What are a company's duties in case of secondments abroad?

Under Italian law, the employer has to fulfill specific obligations when sending personnel abroad.​

Alongside the general principles and rules of the special part of criminal law, mention should be made in particular of:

​Pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08, the employer must train and inform their personnel on all possible risks they may be exposed to, including the so-called atypical exogenous risks, i.e., those types of risks that do not stem from the tasks performed. Among the non-delegable obligations of the Employer is the assessment of all risks with the consequent preparation of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR, Documento di Valutazione die Rischi).

This article states that the company must adopt the measures that, according to the particular nature of the work, experience and technique, are necessary to protect the physical integrity and moral personality of the workers.

Working conditions of Italian workers to be employed or posted abroad (amending Law No. 398 of 3 October 1987): the employment contract of Italian workers to be employed or transferred abroad provides for; insurance for each outward journey to the place of destination and return from the place itself, for cases of death or permanent disability; the type of logistical accommodation; appropriate safety measures.

In the criminal context, Legislative Decree no. 231/01 of 8 June 2001 extended the charge of the offence also to Entities (corporations, partnerships, associations), providing for a form of autonomous liability of the legal person that is in addition to that of the natural person who committed the offence, (employees, managers, stakeholders).

Within the legal Practice, it is cited the ruling of the Ministry of Labor 10/2016 regarding the assessment of environmental risks and safety in the workplace.

The company is required to take on these responsibilities in all periods of mobility, be they long or short term postings.

Company liability

International guidelines UNI ISO 31030

also adopted by Italy

ISO 31030 defines the essential guidelines for a correct management of risks for workers on corporate travel.

Studio A&P’s service is designed to comply with this standard, following the steps it provides:

Our travel risk management software will meet all these needs

Legal value of Studio A&P's service

The service and the reports provided by Studio A&P have legal value, thus allowing companies to demonstrate the fulfilment of their responsibilities.

Thanks to Atlasposting, it will be possible to:

Establish clear corporate processes to determine parties and responsibilities.

Keep a record of the actions taken to mitigate risks and protect employees, to provide in case of judicial necessity.

Store the entire Risk Assessment process electronically. The process will have to be stored for 2 years.

for a clear and concise consultation

The contribution of the Artificial Intelligence

The AI will help write condensed and custome-made reports for the Company’s needs. This support is one of our software’s unique features, that will help:

Save time: the report will be available within 5 business days

Save economic

Come up with a user-friendly product, easy to read and understand

How does our travel risk management software work?

Upload your secondment and track travel risk for your employees

Atlasposting is fully privacy-compliant

The Atlasposting Portal complies with GDPR: the relevant Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has also been conducted, available for consultation.

Complete management of assignments

Unique functionalities of A&P's travel risk management software

Our travel risk management software Atlasposting contains essential features to support companies before and during the planning of a secondment and the period abroad.

In particular:

Capable of providing a quick assessment of the destination country:

  • Exceeding of the safety risk threshold, in relation to the map combination;
  • Mandatory and recommended vaccinations for the destination countries, as well as assistance during the vaccination process;
  • Index of freedom of the country;
  • Air pollution level in the area where the employees are located.

Produced by six different governmental authorities.

Drafted according to the information provided by 7 States.

Storage of all actions taken to treat identified risks.

Contact details of the company abroad and of Italian diplomatic representations in the foreign State, as well as registration on the Italian Farnesina portal.

fast travel risk detection

Automatic pre-analysis

The alerts will allow to easily and quickly identify the major risks that may influence the secondment, both when uploading the secondment and throughout its duration:

If the assignment is located in particularly high-risk area, based on the risk map, the software will generate an alert to notify the client.

On the basis of research conducted by Cato and the Fraser Institute, the alert will indicate a particularly critical situation, in relation to socio-cultural aspects. By comparing and combining 83 different indicators, it will be possible to identify restrictions regarding the behaviour to be adopted on site, so as not to cause offence to the local population. In addition, limitations to personal freedom will be notified, as well as possible prohibitions and legal aspects to be taken into account to guarantee employees’ safety.

Pursuant to the International Health Regulations, the software will send a notification whenever the State of destination requests a mandatory vaccination to enter the country. An example is the mandatory certification against yellow fever.

If, according to the CDC source, the remaining number of vaccinations is higher than 10 (considering routine vaccinations, normally undertaken from childhood, and those specific for travellers), a second alert will be triggered, regarding health.

In case of exceeding of the critical threshold, the level will be reported by the platform through an alert.

The software will also notify the occurrence of natural disasters in the destination Country, and their evolution.

information from government sources

Risk maps of the countries

Risk maps are created in accordance with the information provided by 6 government sources. They show the entire national territory concerned.

Government sources of the risk maps

  1. France (FR): Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères​
  2. United States (USA): U.S. Department of State – Consular Affairs ​
  3. United Kingdom (UK): Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ​
  4. Australia (AU): Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ​
  5. Japan (JP): Ministry of Foreign Affairs​
  6. Netherlands (NL): Ministry of Foreing Affairs of Netherlands









know the risk level of your assignment

Risk maps consultation

Risk maps categorise the different areas of the country in 4 colours (green, yellow, orange and red).

Every colour indicates a different risk level, ranging from the most moderate to the most serious, by taking into account the ongoing situation in the area.

By consulting the maps it will be possible to get a first assessment of the risk level for the area of destination.

The Preliminary Assessment phase

Conducted by using AI, the automated pre-assessment step will provide immediate information about the main risks in the destination country. Then, after acquiring your trip data, the Studio A&P team will draft a Preliminary Assessment.​

This document will provide you with the most suitable Geopolitical Report for each specific case. It will be drafted within 1 working day and delivered directly to the security manager, who will be guided in the whole risk assessment process.

to determine the geo-political risk

Geo-political reports

Our international reports are drafted referring to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of 7 countries (France, UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Germany and Japan). The reports contain all the information related to the country concerned, in order to assess the geo-political risk.

The reports provide:

Studio A&P provides a customised service, by drafting a document that includes all warnings related to the city where the assignment is expected to take place.

Norms: the regulatory framework of the country, the functioning of the penal and prison system, limitations on personal freedom and traffic laws.​

Recommendations: they include valid information on actions to be taken before and during the trip to ensure travel safety.

risk assessment per la gestione trasferte dipendenti all'estero

for actions before and during the assignment

Report recommendations

In this section you will find information on all potential risks related to the security of the country. These vary from the presence of dangerous geographical areas, indications about the crime rate and the most widespread types of crimes to any risks present due to the political and social situation.

Information is offered on various aspects that may arise during a stay abroad: this may concern the quality of the public transport network and the road network within the country and connections abroad, as well as border closures and the communications.

This draws a general picture of the country’s health situation by finding information on health facilities and the quality of medical care, on the presence of endemic diseases or other health risks, and the administration of vaccinations recommended or mandatory for entry into the country. They are accompanied by information on the need to take out medical insurance in order to cover expenses and on the rules for importing medicines. A contact list of medical facilities is also offered.

Thanks to this section it is possible to understand the specifics of the country and be aware of any behaviors to avoid or adopt due to culture or dictated by religious dogmas (i.e. Holy month of Ramadan).

Information on the possibility of extreme natural disasters typical of the country. The presence of active volcanoes in the area is also noted.

It is possible to have an overview of the risk of terrorist attacks in the country thanks to information on the presence of main terrorist groups, recent attacks and kidnappings of civilians.

Furthermore, information is given on places that could be considered targets of future attacks and recommendations to follow.

constant and rapid update

Monitoring maps and reports

Following the updates daily provided by government sources, risk map and report information are continuously monitored and updated. ​For this reason, you will be notified about any update within 1 working day.

mandatory or recommended vaccinations

Health Services

Among the reports from the AtlasPosting software, it is also included the number of mandatory or recommended vaccinations for each state, which immediately informs about the health requirements to be completed before the trip starts.

In fact, an exhaustive list of all relevant vaccinations will be provided, drawn up on the basis of the following sources:

At the client’s request, A&P will be able to provide all the information on the implementation of these vaccines, guiding the client to complete the vaccination process and obtain the necessary vaccination certificate, according to the mandatory deadlines.

mog 231 and company compliance for employees' safety abroad

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