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Experts in Italian Jurisdiction and EU Law, we support companies and individuals with global mobility and tax fulfilments since 1998. 

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since 1998

Professional Advising for Corporate and Individuals

Studio A&P supports companies and individuals with their activities in Italy and Worldwide, providing specialized assistance in global mobility of workers, Italian and international taxation.

Based in Italy

We operate in all Europe

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to Italy and Europe


Manage your assignments abroad

Based on the duration of the planned activity abroad, a company might need to plan a long-term assignment or, if shorter, send employees abroad via the so-called “posting of workers”.

Long-term assignments of Employees to Italy and Europe

Requirements and fulfillments in case you are planning long-term assignments to Italy or within Europe.

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Requirements and fulfillments in case you are planning long-term assignments of extra-EU Citizens to Italy or Europe.

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Short-term with Posting of Workers to Italy and Europe

Requirements and fulfillments if you are planning short-term posting of workers to Italy.

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Requirements and fulfillments if you are planning short-term posting of non-EU workers to Italy or Europe.

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international regulations

Manage your assignments worldwide

Thanks to our network of International Professionals, Studio A&P can help you schedule both short and long-term assignments worldwide.

Short and Long-term assignments Worldwide (outside EU)

following international restrictions

Plan business trips in complete safety

A&P will follow you through all the steps of your international assignment, like the correct work visa, and most importantly the current restrictions or safety measures worldwide.

Transnational remote working projects

We structure remote working from abroad for companies. We ensure companies comply with the obligations related to contracts of remote working performed abroad.

Contracts of remote working from abroad

Manage assignment of employees abroad

Atlasposting Software is the new Software developed by Studio A&P which allows companies to fully manage assignment of employees worldwide and monitor all obligations for immigration, taxation and posting workers, minimizing risks for workers abroad and liabilities for the company.

Atlasposting - the new Software from A&P

italian jurisdiction and eu law


Immigration Law Specialists

When it comes to immigration fulfillments there are plenty of factors to keep in mind: what kind of Visa do I need? What happens if I decide to relocate to a foreign country? How do I get access to Healthcare or Education?

Immigration fulfillments in Italy and Europe

A&P provides full assistance with immigration fulfillments to EU and non-EU citizens

A&P offers full support with the application of a wide selection of Italian Visas. Whether you wish to come to Italy through a work visa, for long stay, or even investment, our Immigration Specialists will help you throughout the whole application process.

EURA members: we are relocation specialists

Get professional support in every step of the relocation process in Italy and EU, thanks to a solid network of international and local relocation professionals.

Apply for the italian citizenship

The Italian Citizenship grants you the same right as if you were born and raised in Italy. Foreigners can apply for the citizenship in Italy if they fall under one of the following categories:

following international regulations

Mobility Support Abroad

A&P can support you with Immigration fulfillments also worldwide, thanks to a solid network of international global mobility specialists.

Immigration Services Worldwide

for legal validity worldwide

Legalize or Apostille your Documents

Whether you are applying for a Visa, converting a driving license or planning to relocate abroad, you might need to provide legally valid documents to support your application. 

Studio A&P can help you legalize or apostille Italian documents  or Foreign documents.

Document Legalization for Countries Abroad

Get your Italian documents legally valid worldwide.

Document Legalization for Italy

Get foreign documents legally valid for Italy.

from certified tax advisors


Tax Services for Corporates and Individuals

At A&P you can count on a division dedicated to Italian and International Tax Services, for both corporates and individuals. Our experts are all chartered tax advisors certified by the Italian Government.

Tax and Legal Services for Individuals in Italy

Get support in becoming a professional freelance and access applicable regimes based on your activity.

Submit formal queries to the competent authorities for clarifications on the correct application of specific tax provisions to prevent litigation.

Get support for IMU calculation for property tax due in Italy; Tax relief for property in Italy; Purchase real estate in Italy; Preparation and Registration of the rental agreement with the competent authority.

We help you apply for bonus and other tax deductions for construction and renovation of buildings.

If you have worked over a period of time in Italy, Studio A&P can help you apply and obtain the Italian pension.

Access large exemptions on income compensation for a period of 5 to 10 years.

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Avoid double taxation and get professional support in the coordination of Italian and foreign tax returns proceedngs.

Get clarifications regarding your fiscal status in Italy according to Italian Tax Law criteria and the related tax consequences.

Mandatory monitoring disclosure of all the assets (financial assets and immovable properties) held outside of Italy on form RW of the Italian income tax return for Italian resident taxpayers and payment of the wealth taxes (IVAFE and IVIE).

Tax and Legal Services for Corporates in Italy

We support your employees in filing their tax returns.

We help you with both the incorporation and management of your new LLC in Italy.

Establish business activity in Italy through a subsidiary (company) or a branch (permanent establishment) from the Foreign Entity.

Our Tax Advisors can help you with incorporating and managing a non-commercial entity.

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Analysis of the risk of a permanent establishment in Italy or abroad according to double tax treaties.

Claim a refund or a foreign tax credit for withholding taxes paid abroad according to double taxation treaties.

Find out how Innovative Startups in Italy are regulated and learn the conditions to access favorable regimes.

Find out how to claim a refund of VAT incurred abroad or in Italy and appoint a Representative for VAT obligations in Italy.

Get professional support in applying for bonus in renovation and construction of commercial buildings.

Submit formal queries to the competent authorities for clarifications on the correct application of specific tax provisions to prevent litigation.

Transfer pricing analysis related to an international assignment of workers.

We cover all the steps of the purchase, deeds, expenses and tax returns.

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following international and local regulations

Tax Services for Individuals & Corporates Worldwide

Thanks to our network of International Professionals, Studio A&P can help both corporate and individuals with their tax fulfilments worldwide.

global mobility and tax fulfilments

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Have a look at our Webinars to plan dedicated sessions about immigration fulfillments in Italy and Worldwide, Posting of Workers, International Tax Services and more.

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Arletti & Partners consultants are selected only among associates and collaborators who possess educational qualifications, skills and matured experience in their sector.
Topics covered during the call: the consultants are prepared for the meeting to provide answers on the selected topics and only in relation to the Italian or foreign jurisdiction indicated in detail on the service. A&P provides clarifications on questions related to the matters covered with the consultation call, notified through the questionnaire to be completed before the call. Therefore, failure to respond to non-competent national issues or jurisdictions shall not be considered a disservice.
Appointment changes: changes to the appointment is allowed only once and within 2 business days before the call.
Withdrawal: the cost of the consultancy is non-refundable. The service will be considered fully rendered at the end of the meeting within the time booked by the client, during which the consultant will be available for pertinent questions.
Quality questionnaire: the client has the possibility to rate the quality of the service in a questionnaire which will be sent automatically at the end of the video conference. Any disservices can be notified in the questionnaire. A&P will evaluate any disservices reported at its sole discretion.
Invoicing: A&P will send the invoice within the current month in which the payment was made.
By booking the call, the user declares to be informed and accepts the terms of service.
Learn how to become a freelance in Italy, tax obligations and available benefits.
For all the requirements and obligations to know when posting workers to Italy.
Briefing about your tax situation to determine obligations and possible benefits in Italy.
For all the necessary requirements and timeline of moving to Italy.
All the information you need on the opportunities of the favorable tax regime for impatriates.
Learn the available types of Italian Visas, how to apply and the best solution for your case.

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