The innovative startup is a young company, established since less than 5 years or under incorporation, which has an exclusive or prevalent corporate purpose: the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value.

It is a capital company with base, activities and interests on the Italian territory that meets certain requirements.

The benefits for Startup

The registration in the special section of the business register guarantees various tax benefits, the possibility of obtaining a subsidized loan and the possibility of advertising your business by appearing in the web showcase dedicated to innovative start-ups: #ItalyFrontiers.

The status of innovative startup can guarantee various benefits, such as:

  • Tax incentives for investment in the capital of innovative startups;
  • Free and simplified access to the Guarantee Fund for SMEs;
  • Smart & start Italy (subsidized loans for innovative startups located on the national territory);
  • Raising of capital through equity crowdfunding campaigns;
  • Discipline of flexible work;
  • Extension of the deadline for covering losses;
  • Remuneration through equity participation instruments;
  • Fail Fast (simplified procedures in case of failure of your business).

After the maximum period of 5 years in the special section, the innovative start-up can become an innovative SME without missing out on the compatible benefits.

  • Ordinary corporate regulations;
  • Regulations on shell companies and systematic loss companies.
  • Chamber rights and stamp duties;
  • Obligation to affix the compliance visa for the compensation of VAT credits.

Why contact us

1. Our team of specialized tax advisors and consultants will support you in the initial assessment, verifying the necessary requirements for you to have access to the Innovative Startup status, helping you step-by-step;

2. A&P will follow in detail the procedure that will lead to the registration of the company in the startup section of the Register of the Chamber of Commerce;

3. Our team will follow you in taking care of the specific periodic obligations for innovative start-up.

The Process

Contact our office; our dedicated consultants will:

1. Send a short form to be filled in with the necessary information to carry out a pre-analysis and verify the start-up requirements;

2. Send a detailed request for all the necessary documentation for the procedure;

3. Manage the preparation and sending of the necessary forms and documents to the Chamber of Commerce;

4. Take care of the obligations and periodic deadlines in order to keep the status of innovative startup.

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