A&P provides dedicated assistance to employees who need to relocate to Italy for business activities, or private citizens willing to live in Italy.

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A local partner to support your living in Italy

Whether you are moving in to work, study, or simply find a new home, you might consider getting the support of a local partner.

Our Experts will spare you all the burdens of relocating abroad, covering all the necessary steps: from the very first home search, setting up all the utilities and contracts, up until checking in your new home.

We take care of all the steps to relocate to Italy,
both if you are moving alone or with your family.

You will always be assisted by our Experts and trusted local consultants.

1. The right documents

Providing full support for VISA application, foreign driving license, and healthcare.

2. Tour and Accomodation

A tour to know the city, and a temporary accomodation while waiting for your new home.

3. Meanwhile...

We will be looking for your new home, based on your preferences, and keep you updated.

4. Contract negotiations

We will meet the owner to check the property and negotiate the terms of the relocation.

5. Utilities activation

Full assistance to set up and basic services of the property (Internet, electricity, water etc).

6. Time to check-in!

You are now ready for your new home in Italy. A&P remains at your disposal during your stay.


Which documents do I need to live in Italy?

Unless you are an EU/EEA citizen coming to Italy for tourism, you’ll most likely need to apply for a VISA for a legal stay in Italy.

No need to worry! A&P can also help you apply and get your Italian VISA, while taking care of all the other necessary documents, like converting driving license or granting you access to our National Healthcare System.

You can apply for a wide variety of Italian VISA based on the reason of relocating.

Based on your case, we can help you apply for an Italian driving license, or convert the one you already have.

We also provide full support to grant you access to the Italian Healthcare System.

A&P preliminary orientation

Get to know your new city in Italy

Finding a new home can be time-consuming, especially if you are considering starting your research from your own Country.

A&P wants to help you relocate in all tranquillity: we will provide you a temporary accomodation while we’ll be finding your new home.

We will also offer you an orientation tour, so that you get to know everything you need about your new city. 

Negotiations and Check-in

Getting everything ready to check-in

Once we find the perfect home for you, it is time to negotiate contract details with the owner, as well as setting up all the necessary utilities.

A&P will be there to help you clear all your doubts and assist you with all the documentation.

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At A&P you will find certified Experts in both Global Mobility and Tax Services.

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