‘Document legalization’ means to provide it with legal effectiveness in the country to where it is intended.
When a document is required for use in a foreign country, it must be legalized.

Document Legalization: What and Why

The legalization consists of the certification of the legal capacity of the functionary that set his/her signature on the document (i.e. acts, copies and extracts) and also of the authenticity of the signature.

The aim is to guarantee the compliance of the translation, to check the certificate, to establish whether the document has been issued within the local laws and to verify the quality of the Functionary that set his/her signature. The destination country cannot verify the validity of the foreign document.

What kind of document legalization?

There are several kinds of document legalization and they are released depending on:

The legalization process might include a translation to the target language.

It refers to the country where the document has been issued.

Civil records certificate, criminal records, school records, certificates of origin, etc.

It refers to the country where the document has to be submitted.


Town Hall, Court, School, University, Chamber of Commerce etc.

The Legalization Workflow

Our team of professionals will reply to your queries within 24 hours from the request. Moreover, we grant the delivery of the service on the whole Italian territory.

Firstly, we receive our client’s request and analyze the specific need in accordance to the applicable legilsation.

Our team defines the exact procedure to answer the client’s need in the most effective and efficient way.

We carry out the legalization process at the relevant authorities through our professional network of local consultants.

We ensure the punctual delivery of the legalized document wherever the client requires, so that it is ready for use.


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