Online Tax Declaration for Companies and Individuals

Our Tax Advisors are specialized in the processing of online tax returns.

Tax Return

In some cases, annual tax returns are mandatory to pay taxes; they may be optional in other cases to recover accrued tax credits.

We take care of the processing, even remotely, of tax returns for employees/retirees (730 Model) and for those who receive income for freelance and/or business activities.

The service is dedicated to companies interested in an arrangement for their employees, as well as individuals.

Our Office has been using highly innovative IT and telecommunication systems with taxpayers for several years to file tax returns, 730 and Unico.

All the phases of the process that lead to the electronic submission of the declaration forms can be carried out remotely, also due to the current anti-Covid-19 provisions.

Why contact us

Our team of professional tax advisors will provide you with adequate tax advice, taking care of your questions and doubts, in order to assess the type of declaration model to be presented based on your income status.

A&P also offers the possibility for all customers to carry out the entire process completely online, without physically coming to our office.

We therefore guarantee the collection of the attached documentation through a dedicated portal with access to a reserved area.

The consultancy, revision, return and collection of the signature of the model can entirely take place remotely and via electronic media in video conferencing and webinars.

The telematic channels used by the Firm for the exchange of documentation are certified with adequate security and privacy systems.

The elaboration process

The options at your disposal

The options available for the customer:

  1. Remote appointment booking with videoconference operator with simultaneous uploading and live checking of documents;
  2. Completing the online form in full autonomy with the necessary information and uploading the documents in the appropriate fields;
  3. Appointment and delivery of documents in presence at our headquarters in Modena.

A&P Office will process the declaration that will be subject to checks and application of the compliance visa. We will also take care of the return and collection of the client’s signature, also remotely.

The Process

1. Access and registration to our dedicated portal;

2. Book an appointment online with an operator via webinar service, for document upload and verification. Alternatively, you can proceed to independently fill in an online form in which you will be asked for the necessary information in order to fill in the form correctly;

3. Then, a second appointment will be made, always remotely, for the review and electronic signature of the declaration;

4. Our office will take care of the electronic submission of the declarations through the portal of the Revenue Agency and of any tax compliance required;

5. All the fiscal documents and the signed model for each fiscal year will be stored, to be consulted on the portal anytime by the customer.

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