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Why apply for Italian Citizenship

Italian Citizenship grants the same rights as if you were born and raised in Italy. Also note that Italy allows dual citizenship, so you can simultaneously hold two passports and have a dual citizenship.

With Italian Citizenship you will get the same rights and benefits of Italian nationals.

Forget about endless bureaucracy...

Being an Italian Citizen will give you access to:

Get assistance for Italian Citizenship

Foreign Citizens can apply for Italian Citizenship through different types, based on their specific case. Each Citizenship has in fact its own requirements and fulfilments to apply.

For example...

If your parents or ancestors have the Italian Citizenship, you might meet the requirements to apply for the citizenship by descent. Or, if you are married to an Italian citizen, you might apply for the citizenship by marriage.

Each type of Italian Citizenship has specific requirements and processing time.

What you need to apply for Italian Citizenship

The requirements to apply for Italian Citizenship will change based on the type you are applying for.

Always check when applying if...

When applying for Italian Citizenship, you should also keep in mind that the processing time changes depending on the type of Citizenship.

How A&P can help you apply for Italian Citizenship

You can send a free request to our Team to understand your case and confirm if you are eligible to apply for Italian Citizenship.

A&P process to support your Italian Citizenship application

Please note that some steps of the application can be done online, while others will require your presence at either the municipality or Italian Consulate abroad.

Frequently asked questions about the Italian Citizenship

The fastest way to obtain Italian citizenship is by birth or descent.

It may take from 6 months to even 3 years to get Italian Citizenship. The processing time depends on whether you apply directly in Italy or at a Consulate abroad, but most importantly on the type of Citizenship.

You generally have to reside in Italy until your application is granted. Timing can vary according to the type of application.

You can start your application as soon as you have collected all your supporting documents. Supporting documents differ according to the application type.

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