Freelance Activity in Italy

Our certified Tax Advisors can help you carry out your Freelance activities in Italy.

How to work as a Freelance in Italy

In order to work as a Freelance in Italy and carry out business activities, it is necessary to be enrolled in the Italian Revenue Agency with a personal VAT number, in order to comply with all the fiscal requirements and social security fulfillments.

In Italy, freelancers can be included in a standard taxation system or flat-rate scheme (i.e. the Italian regime forfettario, but only under specific conditions).

In order to carry out a freelance business in Italy, it is necessary to enroll in the Italian Revenue Agency to get a VAT number (Partita IVA).

Based on the type of activities carried out, professional or service activities, the freelance worker must register and pay contributions to one of the insurance funds available, as established by the Law (INPS – National Insurante Institute in Italy for craftsmen/traders or separate management) or else it will be assigned to the protected category belonging to.

How We work

Our Team of certified professional Tax Advisors will support you step-by-step to:

  • choose the business activity that best suits you, among those available in Italy;
  • verify the requirements to access the most favourable tax ragime (this includes a simulation of all the tax reliefs).

Moreover, we also provide:

  • Advanced technological systems to communicate and organize conference calls with clients;
  • Provide the client with a dedicated portal to access all the relevant documentation.

We take care of:

  • VAT number registration;
  • Social security registration;
  • Registration to the competent Authorities, as demanded by law (Chamber of Commerce, INAIL, etc.);
  • Accounting and online filing of the due declarations.
  • Support in drafting and issuing first invoices;
  • Support in case of employing personnel and managing remunerations.

Dedicated Services

Our Tax Advisor will be at your disposal to offer full support even after the enrollment of your Freelance activity.

  • Drafting and filing the mandatory tax documentation.
  • Regular briefings with webinars to support and assist the client with fulfillments and tax simulations;
  • Analysis and optimization of the financial situation, even with the cooperation with banking and credit institutions;
  • Dedicated Newsletter with constant updates about tax regulations like: tax reliefs, contributions, bonus and more.
  • Document portal dedicated to our clients for the collection, management and archiving of accounting, tax and administrative documentation;
  • Access for clients to management softwares integrated with the firm’s accounting software to issue and send electronic invoices, receive and view electronic purchase invoices and fulfill the mandatory electronic archiving.

The Process

Contact our Team with the form below. Our experts will support you with:

  • One of our accountants will send the form to be filled out, with the first useful information regarding the opening of the VAT number;
  • If necessary, we will analyze together the most favourable tax regime for your business via phone call, video conference webinar or by appointment at our offices.
  • Depending on the information collected, a quote will be provided within 24 hours of the request;
  • We will take care of the operation of your business, as established, registering everything with the competent Authorities as required by Italian law. Furthermore, we will provide assistance in drafting and issuing the first invoices.

A&P will provide daily support in managing the accounting of the business and will keep you informed with a dedicated newsletter about the most important opportunities regarding tax benefits in Italy.

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