A&P provides full assistance with immigration services to Italy. We help EU and non-EU citizens coming to Italy for various reasons.

Immigration Services to Italy: the Visa System

A visa is an endorsement on the passport indicating that you are allowed to enter and stay in our country for a specified reason and period of time, released by Italian authorities.
Depending on your nationality and on the reasons of your stay, you might be exempted from entry visa in case of multi- or bilateral agreement between your country and Italy.

The service is aimed to grant the right endorsement in order to allow the applicant/individual to legally enter, stay and perform the declared activities in Italy.

Depending on the nationality and on the reasons of the stay, the applicant might require to obtain a visa or to submit a declaration of entry to the immigration authorities. Moreover, the applicant can require to apply for a resident permit to legally stay in Italy.

A&P can support you in making your stay legal, assisting you to fulfill all the correct requirements and comply with the law in force.

A dedicated team of immigration consultants will support you in all phases of the process. In fact, A&P will provide ad-hoc consultancy and support in the preparation of the relevant documentation as well as monitor the application from start to finish.

Contact A&P before your arrival to Italy:

  1. Our team of professionals will conduct a pre-analysis on your specific case;
  2. A&P will provide you an ad-hoc advisory on the requisites, timing, and costs;
  3. A&P will support you in the preparation of the relevant documents (including translation and legalization service) and in the submission of the relevant request;
  4. Finally, A&P will monitor the application up to the coordination of the collection of the relevant document (VISA).

Once the document has been duly collected, A&P will inform you on the mandatory fulfillments to be completed upon your arrival to Italy.


Intra Company Transferee Visa

For Corporate groups temporarily transferring their non-EU nationals, employed within a company of the group, to their Italian territory.

Blue Card

For third-Country highly skilled workers to work in Italy on an employement contract.

Extra Quota Work Visa

For highly secialized employees, foreigners performing specific activities, or workers on peculiar work relations.


Business Visa

For workers invited by Italian companies to attend meetings, meet customers or providers, visit plants etc. without physically working.

Tourist Visa

For any person who may wish to travel to Italy for tourism purposes.

Internship Visa

For students or recent graduates who have been offered a training project by an Italian company.

Startup Visa

For foreign enterpreneurs wishing to open an innovative startup in Italy, tied with innovation and technology.

Investor Visa

For non-EU citizens choosing to invest in strategic assets for Italy's economy and society.

Family Reunion Visa

For relatives who want to come to Italy to join the family member who is already living and working legally in Italy.

Italian Elective Residence Visa

For foreigners who want to live in Italy without an employment contract and have financial means.


Residence Permit

Get support in applying for an Italian Residence Permit.

This is intended to be the document issued to non-EU citizens in possession of the requisites (authorization and/or visa) to stay for long periods (over 90 days).

It is the endorsement required to foreign citizens allowed to remain in Italy on a mid-long term. It is issued by the local police. The application has to be submitted within 8 days from entrance into the Italian territory and foreseen also an appointment for fingerprinting as well as the final one for the collection.

PLEASE NOTE: in case of further renewals, fingerprinting is always a mandatory fulfillment.

To be legal on the Italian territory, each non-EU Citizen needs to always carry a valid resident permit, to avoid being banned from Italy.

  1. A&P will coordinate an appointment with you at the competent authority for the application;
  2. A&P will assist you during the fingerprinting appointment;
  3. Finally, A&P will monitor the application and will contact you to arrange a dedicated appointment for the collection of the final permit.

It takes 3 – 6 months to get a residence permit (timescale may differ depending on the type of permit).

Local Residency Registration

Register at the municipality of your residence.

If the duration of the stay exceeds 90 days, the Italian law currently in force provides that both EU citizens and non-EU citizens apply for registration at the Municipality of residence. Likewise, dependent family members must follow the same procedure.

It is the registration at the town hall of common residency.
It is mandatory for EU citizens staying longer than 90 days. In addition to that, it is highly suggested to non-EU citizens in order to allow them to actively participate to the Italian life.

To fulfill a mandatory requirement (EU citizens) and/or to have the possibility to be granted some important services.
Being a resident of an Italian town hall grants the foreigner the right to get a bank account at advantageous rates, get the ID card and have the possibility of purchasing a car and/or of converting or getting an Italian driving license, etc.

  1. A&P will prepare the application and submit it on behalf of the applicant;
  2. Our team will monitor the application and make sure that the competent authority issues the certificate attesting the receipt of the request in due time;
  3. Finally, our team will monitor the application up-until its conclusion, and confirm to the applicant when s/he will be in the position to apply for the Italian ID Card.

It takes 1 – 2 months to get registered at the town hall of residency (timescale may differ depending on the Town Hall).

Health Care

Our immigration services to Italy also helps you register to the national health care system.

To foreigners, EU and non-EU citizens, registration with the National Health Service (S.S.N.) guarantees all the health care provided by our legal system and involves equal treatment with respect to Italian citizens.

Registering into the National Health Care system, grants foreign citizens the access to various services. The access is either for free or for the basic fee as the Italian citizens, such as:

  • Being assigned to a family doctor or pediatrician;
  • Free hospitalization at public and conventional hospitals;
  • General medical examinations in the clinic;
  • Home medical visits;
  • Vaccinations, blood tests, radiography, ultrasounds and medicines.

EU and Non-EU citizens, under certain conditions (e.g. employee, self-employed, familiar members of employees or self-employed), and regularly registered on the Italian territory (either town hall registration for EU citizens and proper residence permit for non-EU citizens), are granted the enrollment to the National Health Care System. This allows them to get the whole health assistance foreseen from local legislation as per Italian citizens.

  1. A&P will prepare the application and submit the request. If possible, the application is submitted without needing the foreigner to be present;
  2. Then, our team will deliver the health card to the foreign citizen along with a guide on how and when use it.

Registering into the National Health Care system takes 1 – 2 weeks.

Social Security

Be covered by Italian Social Security.

Even though temporarily assigned to a foreign country, employees must be covered by social security. Since an assignment abroad involves two different countries, home and host, questions regarding applicable law and jurisdiction have to be answered.

Commonly speaking, the principle of territoriality applies. Therefore, the applicant must pay contributions where the work is carried out.
However, either multi- (such as EU Regulation 883/2004) or bilateral agreement in force between home country and Italy might breach this rule.

Payment of social contribution grants complementary, supplementary or ancillary coverage of the risks corresponding to the social security sectors.

Moreover, it guarantees to the data subjects, a minimum subsistence income. The income will be in relation to the economic and social context of the Member State concerned.

  1. A&P will evaluate the assignment and determine whether a multi- or a bilateral agreement applies;
  2. Should an agreement be in force, our team will collect all the required information and will coordinate the submission and the collection of the applicable coverage certificate;
  3. Should no agreements be in place, our team will coordinate with both the home (foreign) and host (Italian) company to open a dedicated position at Italian authorities for the payment of social contributions.

It takes 1 – 2 weeks to get covered by the Italian social security.

Italian Citizenship

Get support in applying for an Italian Citizenship.

You can apply for the Italian Citizenship if you fall into one of the following cases below.

Underage children (even if adopted) of an Italian citizen get the Italian citizenship. In this case, the Italian Citizenship acquisition is automatically granted.

Likewise, minor children of parents who acquire or reacquire the Italian citizenship, can automatically get the Italian citizenship. However, there needs to be proofs that the children steadily and effectively live with them.

Foreign citizens who were born in Italy and are legally resident in the country, can acquire the Italian citizenship when they turn 18.

The descendants (children or grandchildren) of a person who was an Italian citizen by birth but lost or renounced to this nationality, can acquire it again if one of the following requirements applies:

  • do the military service in the Italian Armed Forces;
  • perform a public employment, also abroad, on behalf of the Italian State;
  • have been legally resident in Italy, with no interruptions, for a specific period of time.

A foreigner married to an Italian Citizen can apply for the Citizenship after two years of legal residence in Italy or, if resident abroad, after three years from the date of the marriage. The mentioned timing decreases if the couple has underage children.

Foreign citizens who have been legally resident on the Italian territory for an uninterrupted period of 10 years, can apply for their Italian Citizenship. In some cases, and also depending on the applicant’s nationality, this period can be reduced.

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