Health and Safety
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A&P supports companies in identifying hazards in the workplace abroad to guarantee the highest safety level for workers on international assignments, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decrees 231/01 and 81/08.

Hazard Assessment

The Risk Assessment Software of Studio A&P

The Risk Assessment Online Software, available on a dedicated platform of Studio A&P, allows the company to implement the business procedures for every single business route, following the company’s Travel Security Policy.

The software is based on 8 reliable foreign government sources to create some interactive risk maps which allow the company to geolocate their site and assess the specific level of risk in the selected area.

According to the software’s risk assessment, the company can implement the more appropriate procedure quickly and adopt precautionary measures with the help of geopolitical reports drawn up from 8 authoritative foreign government sources.

Responsibilities of Italian Companies related to the working activity abroad

If an accident occurs abroad, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation has recently confirmed the property and criminal liability of the managers, but even of the company (Legislative Decree 231/2001).

The Italian criminal jurisdiction becomes applicable due to the mere fact that training and information of the employee have been carried out at the Italian company’s premises.


Geo-political context of the Foreign Country

Risks according to the work activity

Travel Risk Management

Protection against the risk related to foreign posting: MOG 231

Over the last few years companies have often adopted an Organisational and Management Model pursuant to the Legislative Decree 231/2001, the so-called MOG 231.

What is the MOG 231?

The MOG 231 is an organisational and management model with internal rules and procedures that aim for the company to minimize the probability of committing crimes which involve the top managers of the company and the persons dealing with safety inside the company.

From such crimes a criminal and property liability can result.

Safety for your workers

MOG 231: special section for foreign posting

Nowadays many companies regularly work abroad without having implemented in their 231 model an ad hoc section for business routes which can protect them in court, in the event of an injury and/or an accident occurred in a foreign Country.

Studio A&P supports companies in creating a Special Section to be implemented in their 231 Model with specific rules and procedures for business routes in those Countries selected by the company.

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