Company liability for workers' mobility

Learn the extent of company liability in the management of foreign posting of workers.

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A&P supports companies in assessing the level of risk related to international secondments of workers, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Risk Assessment Software by Studio A&P allows companies to duly implement the relevant security procedures, by evaluating the risks related to foreign secondments, on the basis of government and supranational sources.

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How to protect employees during posting abroad

An employee who moves for an assignment abroad, even temporarily, faces a completely new social, political and infrastructural context.

Therefore, it is essential that the Company trains its employees accordingly.

The employee has to be provided with an overview of the Foreign Country’s characteristics, usually concerning local customs, urban safety, driving licenses, but especially in the event of a risk country, also risks related to high crime rate, terrorist attacks, natural disaster etc.

Assessing safety
risks abroad

Guarantee the same protection
as in the Country of origin

solutions for adequate compliance

Measures for company liability

Pursuant to Italian ex L.Decree 231/2001  and L.D. 81/2008

What type of company liability?

If employees and/or external partners sent on behalf of the Company are involved in an injury occurred abroad, the employer and the Company are liable to:

Criminal Liability

Who is indictable in an Italian criminal proceeding?

The Chairman of the Board (COB) or CEO, the Board members, the Personnel/HR Manager, the Person holding delegations of functions (concerning safety or business routes) and the premises’ director may be indictable in the Italian courts.

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