Organisation and Management Model 231

Studio A&P supports companies whishing to adopt an Organisation and Management Model 231, in order to establish effective internal processes and protection from liabilities related to the risks of their business.

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A&P supports companies in assessing the level of risk related to international secondments of workers, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Risk Assessment Software by Studio A&P allows companies to duly implement the relevant security procedures, by evaluating the risks related to foreign secondments, on the basis of government and supranational sources.

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Safety for your workers

What is Model 231?

The Organisation and Management Model, pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, is a document that describes a series of company procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of workers in the performance of all the tasks scheduled during the course of their work.

Supervisory Committee (ODV)

The adoption of a Model 231 also requires the Company to appoint a Supervisory Committee (ODV), which has the task of verifying the efficiency of the Model and its effective application.

prevent risks and limit liabilities

What is Model 231 for?

The MOG 231 ensures greater business efficiency by fostering automated business processes.

Purposes of MOG 231

Actions committed by natural persons acting in their capacity as organs of the company may be considered actions of the company. If such natural persons commit crimes in the interest or to the advantage of the company, the latter may be held liable in court. [Legislative Decree 231/2001]

reduction or non-application of sanctions

What does the adoption of a Model 231 protect against?

Sanctions against a company found liable may be pecuniary or prohibitive. The latter include prohibition of the exercise/activity, suspension/revocation of licenses, authorisations or administrative concessions, prohibition to advertise goods or services, etc.

The nature of the disqualification sanction also provides for the publication of the conviction on the portal of the Ministry of Justice, resulting in serious image damage for the company.

Model 231 allows for

ISO 45001 Certification

What are the differences with MOG 231?

Often wrongly associated with each other, ISO 45001 certification is an international occupational health and safety standard designed to protect not only company employees, but also occasional visitors, from accidents and illnesses related to the work environment.

ISO 45001 certification is able to provide the company with greater protection in the area of Safety as it enhances the binding part with regard to the system (procedures), registration, training, coaching, near miss management, etc.

Occasional visitors

protected in addition to company employees

Enhances binding part

for greater safety and protection

ISO 45001 for legal protection?


From a legal point of view, ISO 45001 certification does not guarantee the same protections as a MOG 231.

It does not have value as a substitute for MOG 231, but rather as an additional and synergistic one.

However, the certification strongly helps with a reduction of time and effort, as well as an easier integration of MOG 231 and its Special Section.

Reduction in Time and Effort

up to 50%, to obtain ISO 45001 certification if already equipped with MOG 231 and Special Section A&P

Integration Safety Aspects

for MOG 231 and Special Section with greater ease, if already in possession of ISO 45001 certification

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