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A&P supports companies in assessing the level of risk related to international secondments of workers, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Risk Assessment Software by Studio A&P allows companies to duly implement the relevant security procedures, by evaluating the risks related to foreign secondments, on the basis of government and supranational sources.

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Risk Assessment Software

risk assessment 231

Safety at work for your employees abroad

According to Italian Law, the employer has the responsibility to ensure adequate safety measures for its employees in the workplace, both in Italy and abroad.

In order to not incur in criminal and pecuniary penalties, and, most importantly, to protect their employees, employers can use tools such as the MOG 231, with a specific section on overseas assignments, or, for those companies that do not have such a model, internal company standards.

Studio Arletti&Partners provides a digital and innovative tool in order to allow companies to safely organize their assignment abroad and in compliance with the Italian and Foreign Law.

The new Risk Assessment software created by Studio A&P allows your company to monitor the risk level of your foreign travels based on the opinion of 8 national authorities:

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learn the current covid-19 travel restrictions in italy for entry and stay conditions

How to do Risk Assessment

with the new Studio A&P Portal

continuous monitoring

1. Travel Planner

Thanks to the Risk Assessment software, you can monitor the whole assignment, not only toward the workplace, but also in movements within the Country.









Over 190 monitored countries

2. Risk maps by classification

Every map provides an immediate visual image about the risk in a given country, dividing it into 4 levels of risk.

Level of analysis of your travel

throughout the whole secondment

3. Risk monitoring

Electronic filing which includes:

for a complete overview

4. Geopolitical Reports for every Country

Reports are complete with all the geopolitical information regarding the destination Country

Not recommended Geographic Areas: It contains indications about the most dangerous regions and its borders. In addition, potential areas of mines and unexploded military ordnance in the area are also reported.

Crime: It contains information regarding the crime index in the Country, the potential different types of dangers, and suggestion about the safest behaviors to take.

Political Situation: It concerns Political and Social situation of the Country. Possible disorders and protests, and any related danger are reported, as well as what channels to consult.

Terroristic attack: Information about past terroristic events and possible current risks. In this section, when reported by the sources, you can find a description of the main terroristic groups in that Country and their main purposes.

Kidnappings: Information about current kidnapping cases and where  they are more likely to occur in that Country.

Laws and Customs: Information about culture, religion, tradition of that Country and some advice about how to behave there. If necessary, this section provides you what rules you should respect over particular period of the year, such as the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Restrictions: Information about disrespectful behaviour to avoid and peculiarities of that Country Law.

Health Facilities: Information concerning medical care quality, health facilities status in the Country and how you can benefit of them in case of need.

Diseases and Vaccinations: Information about recommended vaccines to take before your travel, more frequent diseases and how to prevent them.

Warnings: Precautions and travel advice regarding health. Further information and recommendations are provided before your departure, during the whole journey and once you return to your home Country.

Additional Information: Further information and useful contact details.

Hearthquakes: Seismic risk and recent events of this kind.

Metereological Events: This section describes the Country’s climate and its possible resulting threats. It also reports risks related to extreme metereological events and recent episodes of this kind, likewise to those risks related to tsunamis and intensive volcanic activities, and related recent events.

Access: National and international flight connections and useful information.

Driving Licence: Information about driving law in that Country and what documents and insurance you should obtain.

Transport and Infrastructure: Information about road condition, trasportation including buses, taxis and trains, and telecommunications and related potential dangers.

Additional Information: Further useful information. This section provides information about currency of that Country, customs regulations, as well as possible sport activities and related potential risks in that Country.

in real time

5. Alert System

legal entry

6. Required Visas

With regards to international mobility and services performed on foreign soil, the Company is required to carry out the appropriate immigration regulatory checks and comply with all the related prescriptions in order to ensure to its workers the entrance  in a foreign Country respecting the law.

In general, the Foreign Law may require mandatory fulfillments such as Visas or, in specific cases, additional permits.

A Visa in an authorization that allows foreign people to cross national borders. It is issued by the destination Country of the trip, through the diplomatic-consular representations, available in the Country of origin or provenance of the applicant.

In just a few steps, the software allows you to identify the right type of visa for the activity to be carried out in the country.

entry and stay restrictions

7. COVID-19 Information

The software provides Country Information Sheets on COVID-19-restrictions, organized to ensure practical use by gathering all information regarding the restrictions adopted by the country of interest.

Country Sheets divided as:

Further divided into subsections with all the details for planning safe posting and business trips.

Upload your secondment and track the risks of your employees' travel

Your company will be able to upload on the software all the data regarding each secondment abroad and track the risk variations during the whole assignment.


  • The whole worker’s journey will be tracked throughout the entire secondment;
  • The employee, HR and RSPP will be notified in case of any change in risk level;
  • The record of actions taken will be kept in a dossier available to the Company.

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