Our chartered accountants can help you in setting up and managing the accounting and tax obligations of an LLC.

The Incorporation of a Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company is a company with legal personality, responsible for the social fulfillments only within the limits of the share capital invested by its members.

In Italy, there are 3 types of Limited Liability Companies, as established by the Civil Code:

  • Ordinary LLC;
  • LLC with minimum or reduced capital;
  • Simplified LLC.

The incorporation of an LLC must take place with a public deed drawn up by a notary.

Our office has been working together with notary firms for years, and can guide you to find the best solution.

LLCs that acquire legal personality will have to comply with both civil and fiscal obligations, ranging from the formation of the company, to its activation at the competent institutions, to the obligations of publicity towards third parties, up to periodic submission to tax returns referring to direct and indirect taxes.

The significant advantage that an LLC has, compared to other corporate forms, is that the business risk is not transferred to the shareholders’ equity sphere, as the company is liable for its obligations with the incorporated share capital.

How We work

Our support to your company

Our team of chartered tax advisors and consultants will support you with the incorporation of the company.

We are able to provide:

  • Advanced telecommunication information systems to organize video conferences with customers;
  • Dedicate online portal for the customer to collect the necessary documentation;
  • Advice for the optimal type of LLC, depending on the business plan and the tax situation of the founding partners.
  • We follow the preliminary steps for the incorporation (planning of the business goal, appointment with a notary and full cooperation with its constitution);
  • We provide for the actual registration of the company with the competent authorities, as ruled by Italian law (VAT registration, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, opening a social security account, opening a bank account);
  • We support you in hiring and training workers.

Dedicated Services

Our accounting experts and consultants will be at your disposal to offer specialized support even after the incorporation of the new company.

  • Processing and sending of declarations and documentation with the obligation of deposit;
  • Direct access to the Region to consider applying to calls.
  • Periodic meetings with in-depth webinars and customer assistance with tax checks and simulations;
  • Analysis and optimization of the financial situation, also through the consolidated collaboration with banking and credit institutions;
  • Newsletters dedicated to continuous information on relevant tax news such as: tax breaks, tax credits, bonuses, calls.
  • The use of a dedicated portal for customers to collect, manage and archive of accounting, tax and administrative documentation;
  • Possibility to choose an accounting management system with online access and fully integrated with that of the firm;
  • Use by the customer of management software integrated with the firm’s accounting software to issue and send electronic invoices, to receive and view electronic purchase invoices and to fulfill the mandatory electronic archiving.

The Process

Contact our team with the form below. A&P will take care of:

We will collect the information that is necessary for a pre-analysis of your business idea and the situation of the founding members.

  • Based on the information collected, you will receive a quote within 24 hours from the request;
  • Furthermore, you will be immediately informed on the time required for the company to be active;
  • The most important aspects regarding the incorporation of the company will be defined via phone call, video webinar or through an appointment at our office;
  • We will make sure to make your company active within the established terms, through the necessary registrations with the competent authorities, as required by Italian law.

Once the company is active, it will be followed annually in all its obligations by our team of consultants.

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