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The new Atlasposting software, created by Studio A&P, allows companies to access the immigration law provisions of the destination country, on the basis of national legal sources.

Upload your secondment and monitor visa procedures for your employees

plan your assignment

Check the Country Sheets

The software allows the consultation of Country Sheets, so as to learn about the legislation applicable to the foreign country and to be able to plan employees’ secondments, in compliance with the relevant regulations.

The Sheets – updated every 12 hours through dedicated software – contain information about the required visas for the country of destination. They may be consulted through a subscription, designed to specifically meet companies’ needs.

Moreover, Country Sheets are able to provide a preliminary assessment for the country of destination, indicating:

Indications on the type of visa required, the duration of the visa and the documents required for the application.

Information on the timing for issuance and on the application and collection procedures.

On-site requirements and possibility to extend the visa.

compliance check

Request and get an Immigration Assessment

The service provided on AtlasPosting is accessible upon registration of the company and submission of the company data. Once registered, it will be possible to create secondment orders for all world countries in a few minutes, by entering all the data and documents required for each step.

Before confirming the uploading of the secondment on the platform, users may also choose to request an Immigration assessment, that is the analysis of the requirements related to immigration law.

To ensure total compliance, it is advisable to apply the analysis of immigration requirements to all secondments.

  • Check on compulsory EU residence permit: in case of assignment of EU employees in an EU country for a period exceeding 90 days, it is compulsory to obtain a EU residence permit to be able to continue working.
  • Check on residence documents for extra-EU citizens working in the EU: residence documents of extra-EU employees, such as National Residence Permit, EC Residence Permit and travel documents, must be valid for the country of destination.
  • Check on the limit of the stay in the Schengen Area: all extra-EU employees, even if holding a residence permit issued by a Member State, may not work in another Schengen State for more than 90 days in a 180-day period.
  • Check on the limit of the stay in the Schengen country: same checks as for the Schengen Area, but made in relation to the individual Schengen State.
  • Check on the need for a Vander Elst Visa: requirements provided for non-EU citizens employed by EU companies, to legally enter and work in another State, according to the immigration law of the country.

Check on the need for a work visa: requirements provided for by the immigration law of the foreign State, in relation to the working activity. Work-site activities: maintenance, repair, installation performed without a work visa, holding a simple business visa, may result in administrative penalties and criminal consequences for workers.

upload the secondment

How to obtain the visa through Atlasposting

obblighi d'immigrazione per la gestione trasferte dipendenti all'estero

As soon as your order has been received, by uploading the secondment on Atlas, one of our consultants will arrange all the documents needed for obtaining the visa, and will proceed with all the necessary steps:

For those countries needing the affixing of a special sticker on the passport.

For those diplomatic representations allowing delivery by proxy. 

Studio A&P provides an upfront payment of the consular tax for the obtainment of the visa.

The passport is delivered to the company’s or the worker’s address.

Once obtained the visa, Studio A&P will proceed to upload a copy on the worker’s profile, so that the company can always have visibility over the validity of the visa.

Constant supervision and complete reporting

PROs of Atlasposting Software

1. Monitor the movements of your employees

Always in compliance with the immigration law applicable in the country of destination.

2. Be constantly updated about the situation in the country

About the immigration law of the country of destination. Indeed, the Country Sheets available on Atlasposting are updated through a monitoring system of the local regulation, which takes place every 12 hours.

3. Electronic record

Thus keeping a record of the visas held by your employees, so as to facilitate the planning of future assignments.

Atlasposting is fully privacy-compliant

The Atlasposting Portal complies with GDPR: the relevant Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has also been conducted, available for consultation.

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