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Online Consultancy for the Inpatriate Tax Regime

An online consultation to cover all the information you need on the opportunities of the favorable tax regime for inpatriates.

Topics covered during the consultation

During the call you will be assisted by a dedicated Tax Advisor of Studio A&P on the Special Tax Regime for Inpatriates. The consultation serves as an introduction on the favorable tax regime in Italy, with potential benefits for both private workers and companies.

Based on your case, our International Tax Advisor will be able to provide you with an overview of the requirements and documents to provide in order to apply for the favorable tax regime, as well as the steps and timeline of the entire process.

How the consultation works

You can choose the date and time that best suit you to book the online consultation with Studio A&P. You will get all the details to access the online video-call, carried out on Microsoft Teams (you don’t need to register).

If you decide to entrust A&P with your case, the cost of the video-call will be deducted from our first quotation.

1h - Special Tax Regime for Employees

Starting from €192,00/h – Book now

1h - Special Tax Regime for Self-employed

Starting from €192,00/h – Book now

Arletti & Partners consultants are selected only among associates and collaborators who possess educational qualifications, skills and matured experience in their sector.
Topics covered during the call: the consultants are prepared for the meeting to provide answers on the selected topics and only in relation to the Italian or foreign jurisdiction indicated in detail on the service. A&P provides clarifications on questions related to the matters covered with the consultation call, notified through the questionnaire to be completed before the call. Therefore, failure to respond to non-competent national issues or jurisdictions shall not be considered a disservice.
Appointment changes: changes to the appointment is allowed only once and within 2 business days before the call.
Withdrawal: the cost of the consultancy is non-refundable. The service will be considered fully rendered at the end of the meeting within the time booked by the client, during which the consultant will be available for pertinent questions.
Quality questionnaire: the client has the possibility to rate the quality of the service in a questionnaire which will be sent automatically at the end of the video conference. Any disservices can be notified in the questionnaire. A&P will evaluate any disservices reported at its sole discretion.
Invoicing: A&P will send the invoice within the current month in which the payment was made.
By booking the call, the user declares to be informed and accepts the terms of service.

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Studio A&P supports companies and individuals in managing their activities in Italy and Worldwide, providing specialized assistance in global mobility, Italian and international taxation.

With 25 years of experience, Studio A&P is able to provide highly specialized consultancy, analyzing obligations and opportunities for your specific case.

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