Apply for an Italian pension

If you have worked over a period of time in Italy, paying contributions to the Italian Institution, Studio A&P can totally deal with your application in Italy in order to let you obtain the Italian pension.

How to obtain an Italian pension in case of contributions paid in countries with an agreement with Italy

If you have worked abroad in countries that have signed a Social Security agreement with Italy, Studio A&P can proceed with the aggregation of both contributions paid in Italy and abroad.

  • the 27 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden);
  • the UK, pursuant to the Withdrawal Agreement (WA), entered into force on February 1st, 2020 (see INPS Circular No. 16 of February 4th, 2020 and INPS Circular No. 53 of April 6th, 2021);
  • EEA countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein);
  • Switzerland.

As well as all other EU countries, Italy has bilateral contribution agreements with non-EU countries such as: the Republic of Cape Verde, the Republic of S.Marino, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Quebec, Israel, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, former Yugoslavian countries.

How to obtain an Italian pension in case of contributions paid in countries with no agreements with Italy

In case you have worked abroad in countries that do NOT have a Social Security agreement with Italy (that is, without Italian contributions sufficient on their own to entitle you to a pension), or in the absence of a contribution agreement with your foreign Country, in order to obtain a pension in Italy, you can voluntarily pay contributions in Italy in order to integrate them.

Studio A&P takes charge of the practice entirely with specialized consultants while you are abroad.

Conditions and steps of the service

Please consider that the right to the pension is confirmed only when the stated data correspond to the contribution records of Social Security institutions.

Quotation for data verification in the Italian contribution registry:

  1. Access to the Social Security data in Italy and provision of an answer on the Italian pension entitlement and its amount
  2. As an alternative to point 1, the value of voluntary contributions to pay to acquire the right to a pension and quantify the hypothetical monthly income.

Only in case the data confirm the possibility of entitlement to Italian pension, a second quotation will be formulated to start the pension application.

The second quotation will depend on the complexity of the file and we will only proceed upon explicit acceptance by the worker.

After accepting the quote, a 20% deposit payment will be requested. Then, the first step will consist of a dedicated call with our specialist, who will proceed to collect the necessary authorizations and documents.

A second deposit payment of 30% of the quotation will be required before proceeding with the Italian pension application.
Payment of the 50% may be made upon notification of obtaining the Italian pension.

Please note: The Studio is not responsible for errors or misalignments in foreign contribution records.

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