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Relocation Services

Relocating means moving for a medium to long period of time to accomplish an international assignment. It involves finding a new house for the employees and their family.

Finding a new home can be difficult and costly for both the employee and the company. A&P will help the assignee find a home and a school for the children. We will provide assistance throughout the whole process.

To relocate means moving to a different place (town, country, continent) to work and live in. It commonly refers to medium-long term transfers and it involves  both the employees and their family.

A&P takes care of finding a house and a school in the most suitable neighborhood for an expatriate. Moreover, we offer personalized services to match the assignees’ needs in order to make them and their family settle and excel in a new environment.

Nowadays, international companies often have to move employees to work in a different country. Managing these processes can become time-consuming for the employee, who might not be aware of the local laws and thus incur in problems that would result in high costs for the company and dramatic effects for the assignment.

Housing is one of the main causes of aborting an international assignment. However, A&P will make sure that the assignee finds the most suitable housing solution. In addition, A&P will work to satisfy the expectations and needs of assignees and their family in order to help them accomplish their assignment abroad.

A&P will provide assistance throughout the whole process of relocation of employees, which entails a number of practical fulfillments, among them:

  • finding a home in the most suitable area for an expatriate, that will happily satisfy both the assignees and their family;
  • finding the proper international school for the children with internationally recognized qualifications;
  • drafting a lease contract according to local law;
  • fulfill mandatory registrations at local authorities.

Area Orientation

Our relocation services include visits to the new city with a local consultant, in order to get an overview of the city and the main residential areas.

It is an occasion for the employees and their family to be personally accompanied by a local consultant.

They will be able to acquire an overview of the city, including potential future residential areas, shops, schools and other facilities.

To give the assignees a real taste of the residential market and facilities of the area they are moving to. With the help of a local expert, the area orientation helps conducting a successful home search.

  • An A&P consultant will contact the assignees, prior to the beginning of the assignment, to collect their preferences; 
  • Based on the assignees’ requirements, we will organize and accompany the assignees during the orientation tour of the city. 

2-3 days for the organization, 1 day for the visits.

Temporary Accomodation and Hotel Booking

A&P relocation services also include support in finding a temporary arrangement in case your permanent housing solution is not available yet.

While waiting for your permanent housing solution to be completely ready, A&P will help you find a temporary accommodation and coordinate the required payments, or book a hotel in alignment with the company policy.

Employees will have the support of a professional to make sure they have a proper place to stay, while waiting for their permanent house to be ready.

Assignees won’t have to worry about accommodation and can concentrate on their new job.

  • A&P will locate a few accommodation proposals and share them with the assignee;  
  • The assignee/company will choose the property of interest;  
  • A&P will book the property and coordinate the payments and safety deposit.

Usually less than 1 week.

Lease Negotiation and Inventory Check-In

A dedicated consultant will help the assignee through every step of the rental negotiation. The conditions of the property are checked once the keys are handed over.

Full support in the rental negotiation, as from the written rent proposal, to the drafting of a lease contract that is as suitable as possible for the assignee and in accordance to local regulations.
Assistance in the coordination of the required payments.

A dedicated consultant will meet with the assignee and the landlord for the handover of the keys, in order to check the conditions of the property.
Moreover, a detailed inventory report with pictures will be drafted to record the conditions of the property including its content.

The professional support in drafting a lease contract ensures the compliance with applicable legislation. Furthermore, it protects the assignee from possible inconveniences due to cultural and language differences.

Also, an inventory check-in made in a professional way, ensures the fulfillment of the lease agreements, especially as far as the property conditions are concerned.

  • An A&P consultant will draft the lease contract in accordance with the local law;  
  • We will provide an English version of the contract to the assignee prior to the contract signature;  
  • We will keep track of the contract expiry date and the annual taxes due;  
  • An A&P consultant will meet the assignee and take care of the house check-in, drafting a check-in report with pictures, to be stored with the client and on an online database. 

Around 7-10 days. 

Settling in Services

A&P will help the assignee set up basic utilities and services to the property. We will remain in contact with the assignee and the family in case any issues arise.

Personal assistance is provided to setup the basic utilities and services to the property, including media services. E-mail and phone helpline desk is provided after the check-in, aimed to support the assignee and the family with the daily issues related to the house and life in the new country.

The differences in the management of utilities contracts between the countries, as well as the language barriers, are easily overcome with the constant support of a professional knowing how to deal with any issues and saving the assignee’s time.

  • We can support the assignees in choosing a utility service provider and subscribing the contract;  
  • We will support the employees in case any problem arises during their stay in the house. 

School Support

A consultant will help assignees find the most suitable school for their children. The family will be assisted with the enrollment process.

Support in finding the proper schooling option for the kids in the country of destination providing internationally recognized qualifications.

A dedicated consultant will assist the family in identifying the institute that most satisfies their needs, arranging the visits and providing support with the enrollment procedure.

Being the school system different from country to country, a professional guidance in the selection of the best school for the kids’ background ensures the satisfaction of all family members.

  • An A&P consultant will contact the assignees to collect their requirements;  
  • Our consultant will provide the assignees with a list of the school options in the area;  
  • We will coordinate an appointment with the school chosen; 
  • We will provide support during the enrollment procedure. 

Around 10 days. 

Driving License

A&P will help assignees apply for a foreign driving license or convert their already existent one, according to their specific needs.

Support in applying for an Italian or a local driver’s license, depending on the destination country.

In the presence of a relevant multi- or bilateral agreement:

  • assistance in the conversion of the foreign driving licence into an Italian one or of a foreign driver’s license into a local one;
  • assistance in the application of a local driving licence;
  • support in the mandatory car plate registration.

The legislation on driving licences and car registrations differs from country to country. A professional guidance from experts in driver’s license and car jurisdiction ensures that all family members carry out all the mandatory fulfillments, stay compliant with the law and avoid unpleasant inconveniences (e.g. license withdrawal, car confiscation or penalty fees).

  • An A&P consultant will analyze the specific case and provide information on the necessary fulfillments;  
  • We will collect the documents and coordinate the process with a driving school or a competent authority;  
  • We will monitor the process until completion. 

The timeline varies depending on whether the driving license may be converted into a local one or not. In the latter case, it might be required to apply for a local driving license.   

Conversion can take up to 1 month, while applying for a local driving license may take longer, depending on the specific case. 

Relocation Services: Departure

A&P will provide assistance during lease termination negotiation and security deposit refund negotiation as well as in writing a notice to leave to the landlord.

Departure support is a service intended for those who need to vacate an apartment and wish to have assistance from trustworthy and organized professionals, guiding through all the mandatory fulfillments according to the local procedure and legislation.

A dedicated consultant will meet with the assignee and the landlord for the handover back of the keys, in order to check the condition of the property. Moreover, a detailed inventory report with pictures will be drafted to record the conditions of the property including its content, possibly based on the check-in report.

Having the possibility to rely on a professional during the check-out meeting allows parties to find an agreement, even in case problems should arise.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we are able to mitigate and negotiate potential disputes between tenant and landlord.

  • A&P will draft and send the notice letter to the landlord through official channels; 
  • An A&P consultant will coordinate the home check-out and draft a report with pictures; 
  • Our consultant will take care of the necessary interventions and of utilities closure; 
  • We will make sure that the safety deposit is duly returned to the tenant; 
  • We will coordinate the tenant’s deregistration from local authorities. 

Depending on the case, the completion of the departure process may take up to 2 or 3 months.

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