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Incorporation of a Limited Liability Company in Italy

A Limited Liability Company is a company with legal personality, responsible for the social fulfillments only within the limits of the share capital invested by its members.

There are 3 types of Limited Liability Company in Italy, as established by the Civil Code:

  • Ordinary LLC;
  • LLC with minimum or reduced capital;
  • Simplified LLC;
  • Srl Innovative Startup.

The incorporation of an LLC must take place through a public deed drawn up by a notary.

Our office has been working together with notary firms for years, and can guide you to find the best solution.

LLCs that acquire legal personality will have to comply with both civil and fiscal obligations, ranging from the formation of the company, to its activation at the competent institutions, the obligations of publicity towards third parties, up to periodic submission of tax returns referring to direct and indirect taxes.

The significant advantage that an LLC has, compared to other corporate forms, is that the business risk is not transferred to the shareholders’ equity sphere, as the company is liable for its obligations with the incorporated share capital.

How to incorporate an LLC in Italy and what documents are needed

A&P will follow you in all the necessary steps to set up your company. Requirements change based on Members being foreign legal entities or natural persons resident abroad.

  • Articles of incorporation of the foreign company;
  • Certificate of registration of the foreign company;
  • Italian tax code of the foreign company;
  • Italian tax code of the legal representative of the foreign company;
  • Last deposited balance sheet of the foreign company;
  • Power of attorney to a person speaking in Italian for the notarial deed;
  • Declaration by the legal representative that there are no causes for ineligibility.
  • Italian Fiscal Code of the Member;
  • Identity Card.

A&P Services for incorporation of an LLC in Italy

Our team of chartered tax advisors and consultants will support you with the incorporation of your Limited Liability Company in Italy to:

  • choose the most suitable business activity among those available in Italy;
  • choose the best corporate configuration, the distribution of shares also through dedicated tax and social security simulations;
  • analyze the economic/fiscal situation of the founding members;
  • verify the requirements to have access to any tax-favorable company types.

Moreover, We also guarantee:

  • We use advanced IT telecommunications systems to organize video conferences and follow customers in every part of the world;
  • We provide access to a document portal dedicated to the customer for the collection, management and archiving of accounting, tax and administrative documentation;
  • We provide customers, free of charge, with software for the administrative/accounting management of incoming and outgoing invoices which allows, at no additional cost, the electronic sending of invoices to the Exchange System required by law.
  • Constitution of the company;
  • Opening of the company’s VAT number and tax code;
  • Registration of worker members in the compulsory social security fund to which they belong;
  • Opening of certified email;
  • Registration with the relevant bodies, as per law (Chamber of Commerce, INAIL, etc.);
  • Management of all annual accounting and tax obligations of the company;
  • Continuous tax assistance and consultancy throughout the year.

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