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Studio A&P supports companies and individuals with their activities in Italy and Worldwide, providing specialized assistance in global mobility of workers, Italian and international taxation.

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We operate in all Europe

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Tax Advisors and Consultants

Our Tax Advisors and Consultants provide professional tax services to both expatriates and Italian individuals, as well as corporate clients that have to comply with the Italian and international tax law.

Alessandro Arletti

Senior Tax Advisor & Founder

Emanuela Vivi

Senior Tax Advisor

Elisa Storchi

Senior Tax Advisor

Daniele Borghi

Senior Tax Advisor

Angela Papa

Senior Tax Advisor

Mariaelena Seidenari

Senior Tax Advisor

Luana Mannu

Senior Tax Advisor

Mattia Marangoni

Junior Tax Advisor

Ilaria Sighinolfi

Junior Tax Advisor

Jessica Valenti

Junior Tax Advisor

Fabio Benegiamo

Junior Tax Advisor

Francesca Angelozzi

International Tax Advisor

Alessandra Querzoli

International Tax Advisor

Francesca Borelli


Immigration and Relocation Specialists

Our Team of Immigration and Relocation specialists provides professional services to employees moving to Italy and worldwide to carry out an international assignment and travel for different reasons.

Laura Ceccardi

Immigration Specialist

Eleonora Venturelli

Immigration Specialist

Giulia Cilli

Immigration Specialist
Ambra Bolognesi

Ambra Bolognesi

Immigration Consultant

Elisa Ferrari

Immigration Consultant

Sofia Galletti

Immigration Consultant

Ilaria Fantuzzi

Immigration Consultant
maria battimiello

Maria Battimiello

Immigration Consultant

Posting Specialists

When posting workers worldwide, it is necessary to comply with provisions and obligations introduced by international Directives. Our team of Posting Specialists can assist you during all the necessary steps.

Fernanda Prada

Posting EU Consultant

Federica Giglio

Posting EU Consultant

Salvatore La Rocca

Posting EU Consultant

Federica Primiceri

Posting EU Consultant

International Law Research and Mobility Consultants

International Mobility inevitably means to stay updated with regards provisions regulating entry and stay abroad, especially during the covid-19 emergency. Our professional mobility consultants will provide you with all the necessary information to organize your business trips.

Manuela Scarivaglione

International Law Research

Isabell Guidastri

Global Mobility Consultant
(Baden-Baden, Germany)

Gabriele Carzedda

Web Content Editor

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With 25 years of experience, Arletti & Partners tax advisors and global mobility specialists will help you find what you are looking for, in order to successfully carry out your business activities in Italy and Worldwide.

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