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immigration to italy: how to enter Italy

Visa Policy in Italy

The first thing you need to make sure of when planning to immigrate to Italy is the type of Visa you need to enter the Country.

The process of immigration to Italy basically depends on the activity you intend to do and how long you plan to stay. Your nationality (EU or Extra-EU) also determines whether or not you need to apply for further permits.

If you are looking for support with your Italian Visa application, take a look at our Italy Visa Assistance services

Before you enter Italy

Make sure you apply for the right type of Visa.

After you arrive in Italy

Notify your entry to the Italian Authorities.

for work activities

Italian Work Visas

If you intend to immigrate to Italy for work activities, you should know there are different types of Italian Work Visas, each one with its own requirements and permissions.

If you are looking for the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy, please be aware that it is still to be approved.

Italian companies can apply for the Italian ICT visa to transfer non-EU workers hired by foreign entities of the same group.

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The Italian Blue Card allows specialized workers to stay in Italy on an employment contract.

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Every year, the Italian government establishes a fixed number of non-EU citizens who can apply for a work permit to perform specific activities.

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The Italian Business Visa allows you enter Italy for specific business reasons, without physically working.

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For the transfer of non-EU workers to Italy for services under a service agreement.

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Based on Article 27 that regulates the entry of non-EU workers posted by EU companies for services under a service agreement.

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to study, invest, retire in Italy and much more

Other Italian Visas different from Work Visas

All the other Italian Visas that are not required to carry out work activities: from the basic ones like the tourist visa, up to investments, retiring in Italy and much more.

If you have a valid Italian visa or residence permit, you can bring you family to Italy with the Italian Family Reunion Visa.

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The Italian Internship Visa allows non-EU students or recent graduates who wish to apply and carry out an internship in Italy.

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For non-EU citizens, the Italian Startup Visa is the perfect solution if you are willing to open an innovative business in Italy.

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With a duration of 2 years, the Italian Investor Visa allows to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society.

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If you have enough economic resources (no work allowed), you can move to Italy with the Elective Residence Visa.

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Apply for the type C or D of the Italian Student Visa to enroll at University Programs in Italy.

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Just the basic Italian Tourist Visa to visit the Country. However, you cannot stay for more than 90 days.

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A requirement applicable to non-EU citizens travelling to Italy. Its purpose is that of notifying the Italian Authorities of the arrival of foreigners to the Country.

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you got your italian visa: what next?

How to legally stay in Italy

After getting the Visa and notifying the Authorities of your entry, you should consider some crucial details that will determine your stay in Italy.

If you plan to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, you shall apply for an Italian residence permit or register your residence in Italy, depending on your case. Ultimately, you can also check if you have the conditions to apply for the Italian citizenship.

Get an Italian Residence Permit

For non-EU citizens planning to stay more than 90 days.

Register your Residence in Italy

For both non-EU and EU citizens staying for more than 90 days

Become an Italian Citizen

Get the same rights as if you were born and raised in Italy.

for non-eu citizens

Residence Permit

This is intended to be the document issued to non-EU citizens in possession of the requisites (authorization and/or visa) to stay for long periods (over 90 days).

It is the endorsement required to foreign citizens allowed to remain in Italy on a mid-long term. It is issued by the local police. The application has to be submitted within 8 days from entrance into the Italian territory. An appointment for fingerprinting  should be also foreseen, as well as the final one for the collection.

To legally reside on the Italian territory, every non-EU Citizen needs to carry a valid resident permit always, to avoid being banned from Italy.

  1. A&P will coordinate an appointment with you at the competent authority for the application;
  2. A&P will assist you during the fingerprinting appointment;
  3. Finally, A&P will monitor the application and will contact you to arrange a dedicated appointment for the collection of the final permit.

It takes 3 – 6 months to get a residence permit (timescale may differ depending on the type of permit).

both eu and non-eu citizens

Register Residence in Italy

If the duration of the stay exceeds 90 days, the current Italian law provides that both EU citizens and non-EU citizens apply for registration at the Municipality of residence. Likewise, dependent family members must follow the same procedure.

It is the registration at the Town Hall of usual residency.
It is mandatory for EU citizens staying longer than 90 days. In addition to that, it is highly suggested to non-EU citizens in order to allow them to actively participate to the Italian life.

To fulfill a mandatory requirement (EU citizens) and/or to have the possibility to be granted some important services.
Being a resident of an Italian Town Hall grants the foreigner the right to get a bank account at advantageous rates, get the ID card and have the possibility of purchasing a car and/or of converting or getting an Italian driving license, etc.

  1. A&P will prepare the application and submit it on behalf of the applicant;
  2. Our team will monitor the application and make sure that the competent authority issues the certificate attesting the receipt of the request in due time;
  3. Finally, our team will monitor the application up until its conclusion, and will confirm to the applicants when they will be in the position to apply for the Italian ID Card.

It takes 1 – 2 months to get registered at the Town Hall of residency (timescale may differ depending on the Town Hall).

get the same rights as Italian citizens

Apply for the Italian Citizenship

The Italian Citizenship grants you the same right as if you were born and raised in Italy.

Foreigners can apply for citizenship in Italy if they fall under one of the following categories:

It can be acquired if applicants fall within specific cases of birth or adoption.

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The Italian citizenship by descent is granted upon verification of the applicant’s bloodline with the first Italian ancestor emigrated abroad.

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In case of spouse being an Italian national. Eligible if married for at least 3 years (resident abroad) or living in Italy for 2 years after the marriage.

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For applicants who have been lawfully resident in Italy for a minimum number of years.

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