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Fiscal representation in Italy: obligations and identification

The non-resident individual – EU or non EU national – carrying out taxable activities in Italy must comply with the obligations and must have access to related rights with the proper tax identification in the Country.

There are 3 options for tax identification for the foreign individual carrying out business activities in Italy:

For non residents who carry out permanent economic activities in Italy.

Tax representatives for non residents who carry out single business activities in Italy relevant for VAT purposes.

Only community operators can directly enroll in the Financial Administration.

How we work

A&P will collect all the relevant information for your business to provide you with the best and most convenient solution specifically for you.

Our Office offers full support, following all the necessary steps until you are enrolled in the Italian Revenue Agency registers.

A&P will remain at your disposal to support you while carrying out your business activities in Italy.

The Process

Contact us; our consultants will be at your disposal to:

  1. Send a brief form to fill in with all the necessary information for a preliminary analysis;
  2. Send a detailed request of the necessary documentation for the procedure;
  3. Take care of the drafting and submission of the relevant documents until the registration is completed;
  4. Take care of fulfillments and deadlines of individuals with fiscal representation in Italy.

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