Thailand entry conditions: how to travel safely amidst Covid-19 pandemic

learn the latest requirements abot entry thailand

Entry to Thailand is now easier both for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers, thanks to a major revocation of Covid-19 restrictions.

The present guide aims at providing the latest updates regarding conditions for entry to Thailand. Find out more below about vaccination conditions, isolation and lockdown measures in Thailand.

Table of contents

  1. Entry and Transit Requirements in Thailand
  2. Covid-19 Testing
  3. Self-isolation
  4. Medical Insurance
  5. Lockdown
  6. Contact our Experts

1. Entry and Transit Requirements in Thailand

As of 1st October 2022, Thailand government has removed most of the Covid-19 restrictions at the nationwide level. As a result, travel and stay in Thailand has become easier. Specifically, it is no longer necessary to register Thailand Pass or to show a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result, neither proof vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 is required.

As far as airport transit in Thailand is concerned, it is an airline operating the flight who establish sanitary requirements and on-board Covid-19 preventive measures. Transit passengers have to ensure they have proof of onward travel and fulfill the entry requirements in the country of their final destination.

2. Covid-19 Testing in Thailand

From October 1, 2022, travelers entering Thailand do not have to provide a negative COVID-19 test result. However, it is recommended to get tested with the rapid antigen test (ATK) if symptoms of Covid-19 are developed during the stay in Thailand.

3. Self-isolation

There is no obligation to quarantine on arrival. Self-isolation at a hospital (or in a dedicated hotel) is mandatory for those who has tested positive for Covid-19 with severe symptoms during the stay in Thailand. However, if no or mild symptoms are present, isolation is not necessary.

In any case, those who test positive for Covid have to follow prevention measures for five days: wear a mask, wash hands, control their temperature, maintain an adequate interpersonal distance.

4. Medical Insurance

As a general rule, foreign citizens should have a travel medical insurance for the entire period of their stay in Thailand to cover possible costs of treatment, which may be substantially high.

5. Lockdown in Thailand

There are no lockdown measures in the country. The hotels, bars and restaurants are open to the public. However, hotels may ask guests to undergo temperature checks and report any symptoms associated with COVID-19. Additional disease preventive measures may be implemented by a hotel.

Wearing a mask is recommended indoors, in crowded or poorly ventilated areas, such as public transport, health facilities, etc. In public offices, a mask is to be worn in presence of other individuals if the activities performed are compatible with the mask-wearing.

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