SIPSI platform: Simplification of the posting declaration

online sipsi platform to remove sections and simplify procedure for posting workers to france

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On March 29, 2023, in accordance with Decree No. 2023-185 of 17 March 2023, the SIPSI platform, the French online portal for the transmission of the posting declaration, announced a change in the compulsory compilation items, resulting in a simplification of the latter.

Indeed, in order to carry out a transnational posting to France, the foreign posting company is obliged to transmit electronically to the French Labour Inspectorate a prior declaration of posting, even when a posting is expected to last just one day.

SIPSI platform changes

Below, we list the information no longer required during the compilation phase.

SIPSI Service Information

“Service information” section: the items Nature of dangerous equipment or work processes used, working hours, rest days of posted workers have been removed.

SIPSI Cost section

The “Costs” section, which included specifications on how travel, board and lodging expenses were covered, was completely removed.


Finally, the “Employees” section no longer requires the date of signature of the employment contract.

In conclusion, the SIPSI platform informs that previously declared information has been archived but is no longer displayed or used.

Although certain information is no longer required, the regulations and obligations to be followed in order to carry out a posting of workers in France remain the same.

Regulatory Framework

Actualités | Sipsi - Détachement de travailleurs - Déclaration préalable de détachement


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