The French SMIC increases by 2.19% from May 1st, 2023

increased french minimum wage

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The new increase of the French minimum wage will be in force from 1st May 2023

Due to an automatic revaluation of the minimum wage (SMIC), the French minimum wage will increase of more than 2% from May 1st, 2023.

It is therefore because the price index rose by 2.19% between November, which was the reference month for the 1st of January revaluation, and March, month in which the minimum wage has been revalued.

The gross monthly amount per employee working 35 hours per week in France will be set to € 1.747,00:

  • Net amount per month set to € 1.383,00, resulting in
  • Hourly net amount of €9,12 (gross of €11,52).

Because of the annual inflation, the SMIC constantly increases every year in January. The previous change of the minimum wage in France traces back to January 2023.

This increase also applies to employees who, still remaining hired by their foreign employer, are temporarily posted to France for provision of services and are entitled to receive, for the whole duration of the posting, at least the salary stipulated by the French Labour Code or the collective agreements applicable to the given professional category.

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