Find our more about the legalization of documents that are issued in Italy and have to be validated for use abroad.

This section is dedicated to how the legalization of documents in Italy works, based on types of documents, legalizations and jurisdiction bodies.

1. Legalization of documents in Italy: which type?

The legalization of documents in Itally applies to the following:

  • Acts and documents issued by Italian authorities, so that they are legally valid abroad (i.e. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Driving licences, Criminal Records Certificates, etc.).

2. The types of legalizations for documents

Depending on the destination country, the document will need a dedicated type of legalization.

A&P team can support you in the legalization process of Italian documents.

3. When documents need legalization

The legalization of documents in Italy can be requested by:

  • Italian citizens or foreigners who have to validate a document in Italy to use it abroad.

4. The Jurisdiction bodies

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs is responsible for taking care of the legalization of documents in Italy.

Depending on the office that has issued a specific document, the Ministry delegates the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Courts and the Prefectures in the legalization process.

Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Courts: responsible for legalizing acts signed by Notaries, Chancellor’s office Functionaries and Sheriff-Officers.

Prefectures: responsible for legalizing documents signed by other Italian Authorities, such as Registry office Functionaries.

  • Consular: after the legalizaton of Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Courts or Prefectures, documents have to be submitted to the Embassy/ Consulate of the destination country to receive the final legalization
  • Apostille: it is released by the competent jurisdiction body in Italy
  • Other Legalization: due to special agreement between Italy and the destination country:  it is necessary to verify what the agreement requires for a document to be valid in the destination country (i.e. multilingual certificate)

5. Translation of official documents

In addition to the legalization of documents issued by Italian authorities, it is possible to authenticate official translations of documents from Italian to a foreign language. These translations, which can be made by our team of multilingual experts, can acquire legal value abroad if submitted to a special legalization process to be done at the Italian Court.



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