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Flows Decree 2023: additional quotas distributed for seasonal work and conversions

Remaining quotas provided by the Flows Decree 2023 have been distributed among Italian provinces.

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With memorandum No. 231 of 24/01/2024, the Ministry of Labor distributed other remaining quotas set by flows decree 2023 among Italian provinces. This will enable the issuance of work authorizations following the applications submitted to the Immigration Offices.  

The quotas distributed

Specifically, the Ministry has allocated the remaining 21,000 quotas intended for entry for seasonal employment in the agricultural and tourism/hotel sectors.

Such distribution has been made in relation to applications submitted through the Ministry of Interior’s portal. In addition, the distribution was also based on indications received by some territorial labor inspectorates, after consultation with interested bodies.  

Furthermore, the Ministry informed that, with this allocation, the quotas allocated for such entries have been exhausted.  

Finally, more than 3,000 quotas intended for conversion into residence permits for employment and self-employment were distributed at provincial level.  

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Regulatory Framework

Memorandum No. 231 of 24/01/2024

Reference (Italian only)

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