The Flow Decree for 2023

flow decree italy 2023

In the press release of the 21st of December 2022 the Italian Government announced that it will soon publish the Flow Decree with the quota for non-EU citizens entering Italy to work in 2023.

In the press release was anticipated that the quota will be 82.705 workers. In this quota will be included different types of workers such as employees, seasonal workers, and freelancers.

Furthermore, the press release states that before hiring a non-EU citizen residing abroad, employers have to check with the employment offices whether in Italy there are workers with the skill set needed and currently unemployed.

Finally, the simplifications have been confirmed for the year 2023 as well:

“verification of compliance with the contractual prerequisites required by current regulations for the purpose of hiring foreign workers is delegated to professionals (work consultants, accountants, lawyers, etc.) and employers’ associations. Under the new rules, moreover, such verifications are not necessary when applications for the entry clearance are submitted on behalf of their members by employers’ associations that have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.”

Regulatory Framework

Comunicato stampa del Consiglio dei Ministri n. 11


Flussi, confermate anche per il 2023 le semplificazioni sulle verifiche sui datori di lavoro


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