Studio A&P will join MECFOR 2023, organised by Fiere di Parma

Studio Arletti will join MECFOR on May 24 in Parma.

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Studio A&P will join MECFOR, the new B2B event organised by Fiere di Parma on May 23-24-25. Arletti & Partners will be present on Wednesday, May 24, starting from 2:00 pm, to illustrate the Atlas software platform and to revisit the immigration requirements in the major extra-EU countries.

The new Atlas software platform for a better management of international assignments

The Atlas platform is a proprietary software program by Studio A&P, whose main purpose is to facilitate the management of international assignments of workers, supporting companies through real time updates in terms of safety, but also of immigration and fiscal requirements.

The topics which will be covered during the event will concern quality management models – such as model 231 -, the obligation to identify the company and the worker abroad, as well as the use of work visas suitable for entrance in the major extra-EU countries.

The speakers: Studio A&P and Specialist Lawyers

Alessandro Arletti, Senior Tax Advisor and Founder, will represent Studio A&P, joined by lawyers Enrico Fontana and Antonio Tazzioli.

Free trial of the platform for companies taking part in the event

Studio A&P will be pleased to offer a 30-day free trial of the Atlas platform to the companies taking part in the event.

For more information, we remain at your disposal.

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