More than 200 attendees for the Webinar in collaboration with Federmacchine

Successful Webinar in collaboration with Federmacchine: more than 200 attended to discuss the latest news on how to manage business trips abroad.

This morning, Friday 18th of March, Studio Arletti & Partners hold a webinar in collaboration with Federmacchine to share the latest updates regarding managing business trips abroad.


Table of contents

  1. A&P creates the Risk Assessment
  2. The new Directive 2019/1152/EU
  3. Lates Covid-19 updates
  4. VAT refund for business trips abroad
  5. Ask our Experts

Crisis in Eastern Europe: A&P creates the “Risk Assessment” to manage business trips in Countries at risk

The Covid-19 emergency forced companies to reorganize the way to carry out business trips abroad, having to align with worldwide health and safety measures. However, also in light of the crisis in the East, companies need to realize there are several aspects to consider when planning business trips abroad, not only related to health risk.

That is why A&P created the Risk Assessment, a new service to help companies organizing business trips abroad, based on risk levels of foreign Countries of destination.

To minimize risks for workers and legal responsabilities for company’s top management, it is important for companies to have a dedicated model to schedule business trips abroad, in line with law decree 231 of 2021.

Studio A&P can help you in doing so with the best legal support: Avv. Enrico Fontana, criminal law expert, and Avv. Antonio Tazzioli, Tax Advisor.

Travel restrictions from and to Italy: what has changed

Since march 2022, covid-19 restrictions were drastically loosened, like removing mandatory quarantine upon returning to Italy for those returning from abroad.

The list of Countries at risk, determining fulfillments based on the specific situation, is no longer active.

The new EU Directive 2019/1152/EU ruling posting workers across Europe

The New European Directive 2019/1152/EU provides substantial modifications on how to manage posting workers in Europe. The Directive, entering into force this July, will mostly affect assignments of more than 4 weeks.

VAT refund for business trips abroad

Did you know that you have the right for VAT refund for your business trips abroad? The refund is applicable to hotel stays, restaurants and car rentals.

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