VAT refund for business trips abroad

Did you know you can recover the VAT incurred during your business trips abroad? A&P can support you with VAT reclaim for expenses like hotel stay, car rental, restaurant charges and much more (governed by Directive 2008/9).

Can I apply for a VAT refund?

This service is tailored for Italian companies operating internationally that carry out a high number of business trips within the European Union and beyond.

Studio A&P can help you optimizing costs related to sending employees abroad by recovering VAT on the main categories of expenditure, such as hotels, restaurants and car rentals.

2-Steps Process to reclaim VAT

1. Document Drafting

and invoice report

2. Online Submission

of the refund request

1. Proper keeping of Business Accounts

After evaluating the specific situation of the client, our team of tax consultants will guide you step by step in preparing the necessary documentation for the refund request.

For the success of the reimbursement, it is essential that the invoices are registered in the company’s name and that the name of the employee who has used the service is also indicated (following art. 51 c. 5 of the TUIR).

2. Electronic submission of the VAT refund request

Document collection will take place through a dedicated platform and, subsequently, Arletti & Partners will take care of submitting the refund request through the Entratel channel of the Revenue Agency in compliance with the procedures and deadlines set by the European legislation.

Terms and conditions of reimbursement

1. Time limits

The deadline for submitting the refund request is September 30 of the calendar year following the reference period. The request can be submitted for VAT incurred over an entire calendar year, or for a period of not less than three months.

2. Refund limits

The amount of VAT refunded cannot be less than €400,00 if the reference period is less than a calendar year but not less than three months. On the other hand, the minimum amount of refundable VAT cannot be less than €50,00 if the request refers to an entire calendar year.

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