Italian work permits for former students

italian work permit
Foreign citizens holding an Italian study permit may apply for a work permit after graduation.

Under certain conditions, foreign citizens holding an Italian study permit may convert it into a work permit after completing their course.


1. The Italian work permit: application requirements

Former study permit holders may apply for a work permit by providing documents concerning either:

  • a subordinate work contract, or
  • an independent work activity and the financial means to support it.


In case the applicants lack one of those documents, they may apply for a temporary permit and enlist to the job seekers’ list for no more than 12 months after completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a PhD, or an Italian 1st or 2nd level Master course.

2. Terms of application

The former students must apply for the work permit before the expiry date of the study permit and within the limits of the annual shares. An exception to the latter is made for:

  • students legally resident and who came of age in Italy;
  • student who obtained an Italian bachelor’s or master’s degree after completing the courses in Italy.

How We can help you

Studio A&P can help you both apply for a VISA or a residence permit. We can carry out the entire process online, supporting you throughout the whole application.

Quick and easy steps on how to get an Italian Visa:

  1. Contact us before you arrive in Italy;
  2. We will analyze your specific case;
  3. You will receive ad-hoc advisory on fulfillments, timing and costs of the procedure;
  4. You will receive full support in the preparation and submission of all the relevant documents;
  5. We will inform you on the mandatory fulfillments to be completed upon your arrival to Italy.

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Support on how to get an Italian Residence Permit

  1. A&P will coordinate an appointment with you at the competent authority for the application;
  2. A&P will assist you during the fingerprinting appointment;
  3. Finally, A&P will monitor the application and will contact you to arrange a dedicated appointment for the collection of the final permit.

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