The Italian Criminal Records System

criminal certificates
The Criminal Records System: the types of criminal certificates and jurisdiction bodies in Italy.

The Italian Criminal Records System is regulated by Art.24 DPR 313/02.

Table of contents

  1. The Four types of criminal certificates in Italy
  2. Validity and Scope of the Criminal Certificates
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1. The Four types of criminal certificates in Italy

According to the legislation, there are four types of criminal certificates in Italy.

1.1 General Criminal Records Certificates (“Certificato Generale”)

They contain all irrevocable actions taken by the Judge relevant to criminal, civil and administrative matters. These criminal certificates are often requested for administrative use, migration, adoption, citizenship or work.

1.2 Criminal Certificates of Good Conduct (“Certificato Penale”)

They contain all irrevocable criminal judgments. These criminal certificates are normally requested for administrative use or work.

1.3 Civil Certificates of Good Conduct (“Certificato Civile”)

It contains all irrevocable judgments aimed to limit the civil capacity of a person (disqualification, deprivation of civil rights). Furthermore, it contains all the judgments relevant to declarations of bankruptcy or expulsion measures.

1.4 Pending Charges Certificates (“Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti”)

The pending charges certificate contains all pending criminal proceedings, which have not yet been defined through an irrevocable action of a Judge. It is commonly required for administrative use or work.

Italians, as well as foreigners, can apply for criminal certificates to prove their criminal record history in the country. The office in charge for issuing these criminal records in Italy is the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court.

The General Criminal Records Certificate, the Criminal Certificates and the Civil Certificates of Good Conduct can be requested to any Court in Italy. However, the Pending Charges Certificate can only be applied for at the Court of the place where the applicant has officially registered his/her residence.

2. Validity and Scope of the Criminal Certificates

These criminal certificates have a 6-month-validity and can be requested for several reasons, including labor migration, adoption or citizenship. Furthermore, they might be required for administrative purposes.

Should the certificates need to be submitted to Foreign Authorities, they will need to be legalized first.

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The timing for apostille a document is around one week, depending on the province.

On the other hand, the timing for the consulate legalization, instead, is around two weeks, depending on the competent consulate.

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