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After the travel ban revocation in April 2022 and until China reopening in January 2023, Sweden was almost free from Covid-19 related restrictions. Measures, introduced in response to China reopening to travel, have not been extended after February 18, 2023.

This article informs about entry requirements in Sweden and restrictions enacted as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic that may be of interest for international workers travelling abroad.

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  1. Entry requirements in Sweden
  2. Quarantine requirements in Sweden
  3. Lockdown and social distancing in Sweden
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1. Entry requirements in Sweden

Entry to Sweden from the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland has been free from all Covid-19 related restrictions since February 9, 2022. As far as the travel for non-essential purposes from third countries is concerned, the remaining constraints ceased to apply in April 2022.

This means that inbound travelers do not need to fill in the Passenger Locator Form before departure and bring health documents such as proof of vaccination or recovery from Coronavirus. Similarly, one does not have to show a negative PCR/antigen test result at border crossing checkpoints.

Just as in pre-pandemic times, the entry in Sweden is subject to standard immigration regulations. That is to say, the carrier or the Swedish border control authorities check the presence of a valid travel document and, if applicable, a visa.

It is worth mentioning that the Swedish Police Authority always has the final authority to grant or deny the permission to cross the border even when all immigration and sanitary requirements are met.

2. Quarantine requirements in Sweden

Those who enter Sweden from abroad are not subject to quarantine requirements only because they have travelled internationally. Neither health regulations that are currently in force require a post-arrival test.

However, the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends to anyone who experiences symptoms of a respiratory disease to stay home and refrain from going to work or perform other activities. This recommendation applies regardless of the vaccination status or a previous recovery from COVID-19.

Health authorities do not require mandatory testing in presence of symptoms.

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden the negative test result does not rule out the infection. Therefore they do no impose this step as mandatory.

3. Lockdown and Social Distance in Sweden

There are no lockdown measures in Sweden. Public health preventive measures do not hinder free movement inside the country. Likewise, hotels, shops, as well as public offices and facilities are open to the public as normal.
As far as social distancing and masks mandate are concerned, there are no specific recommendations in these matters.

Please note that Covid-19 travel rules, and, consequently, the information provided in this article, may be subject to change at short notice or without notice at all. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor the provisions or seek advice from our experts.

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