Slovakia: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

slovakia entry requirements for international business trips

Latest updates on Slovakia entry requirements and stay conditions for your international business trips.

This article informs you about travel restrictions currently in force in Slovakia that could affect international secondment or business trips.

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  1. Entry and transit requirements in Slovakia
  2. Stay conditions and restrictions in Slovakia
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1. Enter and transit rules in Slovakia

On April 6th, 2022, the public health authorities of the Slovak Republic lifted most of the restrictions related to Covid-19 for citizens of the EU Member States, as well as for foreigners legally residing in the Schengen area. With regards to entry from non-EU Countries, restrictions for them were revoked on January 13th, 2023. These categories can now travel to Slovakia in accordance with standard immigration procedures.

According to the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, this means that third-country nationals seeking to enter Slovakia from third countries, do not need to belong to designated categories to be allowed to enter Slovakia. Furthermore, the certification attesting the recovery from Covid-19, a negative test result or proof of vaccination are no longer prerequisites for being exempted from the entry ban.

Similarly, transit in Slovakia is not subjected to any Covid-19 related restrictions. However, it is important to note that there is no airside transit in Slovak airports. Therefore, all passengers go through immigration control on arrival at an airport in Slovakia.

Unrelated to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, all inbound travelers have to fill in the form, providing flight details, personal information, and address of stay in Slovakia.

Moreover, health regulations do not require a post-arrival test just as registration on the eHranica portal.

2. Stay conditions and restrictions in Slovakia

Effective from March 14th, 2022, no lockdown measures are present in Slovakia. In addition, authorities do not impose restriction on mobility within the Country. Moreover, hotels, shops, as well as public offices and facilities are open to the public.

While keeping a safe social distance of 2 meters is still recommended, masks are not mandatory starting from May 2023. In case of a positive Covid-19 test result or if you are a close contact of someone who is positive to Covid-19, you do not need to self-isolate unless your doctor advises so.

Please note that Covid-19 travel rules, and, consequently, the information provided in this article, may be subject to change at short notice or without notice at all. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor the provisions or seek advice from our experts.

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