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A&P for Confindustria: Assignments in EU

Online advisory on immigration, taxation and posting aspects for assignments of employees in Europe.

Topics covered during the consultation

During the video call you will receive assistance directly from Dr. Alessandro Arletti – Senior Tax Advisor and Founder of Studio A&P – and from the experts of Arletti & Partners. The consultancy will serve to address aspects of immigration, posting of workers and taxation with regards to assignments of workers in Europe.

Based on your case, Studio A&P will provide an overview of obligations and opportunities. The 30-minute video call is free of charge: if you are interested, our experts will be able to provide a quote for the solutions applicable to your case.

How the consultation works

Choose date and time that best suit you to book an online consultation with Studio A&P. You will get all the details to join the Microsoft Teams video-call upon booking completion.

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With 25 years of experience, Studio A&P is able to provide highly specialized consultancy, analyzing obligations and opportunities for your specific case.

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