Webinar with Federmacchine on the latest updates for international assignments

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In collaboration with Federmacchine, Studio A&P hosted a webinar on major updates for international assignments of employees. The Webinar took place on ZOOM platform on November 24, 2023 with free access.

Topics of the webinar on assignment of workers abroad

Almost 200 attendees joined the webinar, which focused on:

  • Work Visa for installation and maintenance activities abroad;
  • Case studies for work visas: Brazil, China and USA;
  • Latest updates on Italian work visa and Blue Card for non-EU Citizens,
  • Assignment of employees in EU with case studies from Switzerland, Denmark and Finland;
  • The role of AI in reducing costs and making assignments more effective;
  • Mandatory requirements for employers for workers’ safety and security;
  • Updates on Italian tax benefits, permanent establishment and more.

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