Webinar in cooperation with Unione Parmense degli Industriali

The Webinar will focus on managing business trips abroad during the Covid-19 emergency and the new European Directives.

On Friday, March 4, from 10:00 to 12:00, Studio A&P will held a webinar in collaboration with Unione Parmense degli Industriali to show the new fulfillments to safely carry out business trips abroad during the Covid-19 emergency.

The meeting aims at providing further information regarding the constant evolution of security conditions worldwide.

Table of contents

  1. Topics of the Webinar
  2. How to join the Webinar
  3. Ask our Experts


Topics of the Webinar

Out Experts will join the Webinar to discuss about mobility of workers abroad, including the new European Directive, immigration documents for regular assignments, up to security measures to consider both upon leaving for the destination country and return to the home country.

1. The new European Directive

Recently ratified, the new European Directive 2019/1152/EU updates what was already ruled by directive 91/533/CEE. The Directive will enter into force on July 2022. Companies have few months left to align to the new ruling, especially regarding assignments of more than 4 weeks.

2. Updates of European Directives 2014/67 and 987/18

With regard the Directives in force, our Experts will provide case studies about Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania.

3. Managing business trips abroad during the Covid-19 emergency

Further updates will be provided regarding the latest restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency, with dedicated focus to manage departure and return to and from China.

Moreover, information will be provided regarding return to Italy of technical workers.

4. VAT refund on business trips abroad.

Companies often forget they have the right to VAT refund incurred during business trips abroad, for hotel stays, car rentals, restaurants and more.

5. Other topics

The Webinar will also focus on:

  • Necessary VISA requirements – and sanctions – for business trips abroad (i.e. Italy, USA, UK, China);
  • Fulfillments for employees working abroad for over 12 months,
  • OECD Article 5 and how it impacts the permanent establishment.


How to join the webinar

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