Webinar A&P in collaboration with Unione Parmense degli Industriali

webinar arletti & partners

On Friday 12th March, Arletti&Partners hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Union of Industrial companies of Parma

The meeting focused on the major issues of workers’ mobility during this period of sanitary emergency. More than 60 companies attended the webinar and received special insights into immigration, legal obligations, taxation, social security and work safety.

Webinar - Unione Parmense degli industriali

Contents of the webinar

The participants were given a detailed analysis of the current situation with particular attention to the following contents :

  • Brexit: workflow, immmigration requirements and Covid restrictions for assigments to the UK
  • Posting workers to EU: formal requirements imposed by EU directives 2014/67, 2018/957 with a specific focus on France, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.
  • Managing technical assignment in Extra-EU countries: Safety issues, visa requirements and workflow definition


This conference also gave the opportunity to participants to ask questions concerning these topics, confirming that the mobility of workers is a major priority for companies even during this challenging situation.

For more information about the provision of service abroad and its legal requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a brief demo of our online platform.


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