Types of Italian Visas

Find out about the different types of Italian Visas: whether you need to enter for work activities, study, residence or other, Studio A&P can help you get the right Visa for you.

New work permit in Italy

The Italian government has introduced a new opportunity for the entry of non-EU workers: this is the “out-of-quota” entry for foreigners who have already gained work experience with Italian companies, even abroad.

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Long Stay Visa Italy

If you are a non-EU citizen and are planning to move to Italy on a long-term basis, but do not qualify for a work visa, you may be interested to know that several other types of long-stay visas are available.

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How to apply for the Italian Visa

The Italian Visa is an authorization that allows foreigners to enter the Country. The Visa is required for non-EU nationals willing to enter Italy for multiple reasons. Here is a breakdown of the Italian Visa types.

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Student Visa Italy

The Italian student visa allows you to enter Italy for study purposes. Find out all the conditions that have to be met in order to obtain it.

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