Poland: travel restrictions and entry requirements for business trips

learn about the current travel restrictions in poland and entry requirements in poland

Brief guide about the latest updates on travel restrictions in Poland for business trips.

Following the improvement of the pandemic situation, Poland, like many other countries, has lifted  international travel restrictions that were enacted due to Covid-19. This has led to the facilitation of both tourist and business travel to the Republic of Poland. This article informs you about the international travel restrictions that are still in force in Poland due to Covid-19 pandemic and which may be useful if you are travelling for business purposes to Poland.

Table of contents

  1. Regulations of entry and transit in Poland
  2. Fulfillments and Covid-19 Certificate
  3. Quarantine requirements
  4. Conditions of stay in Poland
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1. Entry requirements in Poland and transit conditions

Starting from March 28, 2022, Poland does not enact any Covid-19 associated travel restrictions. Today, most foreign travelers can enter the Republic if they comply with standard immigration requirements. However, a special entry regime is in place for those who enter Poland from Russia and Belarus either by air, sea, or via land border crossings. In this case, only some specific categories may enjoy entry permission.

To name a few, citizens of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, nationals of Member States of the European Union and of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), as well as travelers with a temporary or permanent residence permit in a EU/Schengen/EEA/EFTA/country or in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who travel through the territory of Poland to their place of stay or residence are allowed to enter the Republic.

Furthermore, on September 19, 2022, Polish authorities introduced an entry ban for Russian citizens. This restriction applies regardless of the country from which the entry to Poland takes place. Some travelers are exempted from this ban. For instance, participants of the program “Poland. Business Harbor”, holding the relevant type of visa, may travel to Poland.

As far as transit is concerned, the entry and immigration rules also apply to passengers in transit.

2. Covid-19 certificate in Poland

Poland does not impose specific obligations in relation to Covid-19 on persons arriving from abroad. In particular, there is no need to complete the Passenger Location Form before boarding international flight to Poland.

Moreover, inbound passengers are no longer required to provide any proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19. Similarly, a negative test result is not needed to enter Poland.

Please note that Polish health regulations do not provide for a post-arrival test.

3. Quarantine restrictions in Poland

Starting from March 28, quarantine obligations do not apply to inbound travelers, unless they test positive for Coronavirus. In this case, they should seek and follow the directions of local health authorities.

4. Stay conditions in the Country

There are no lockdown measures in Poland to impede mobility within the national territory. Furthermore, hotels, shops, as well as public offices and facilities are open to the public. Authorities do not impose the obligation to maintain an interpersonal distance or wear a mask outdoors. However, wearing a mask is still mandatory in healthcare facilities.

Please note that Covid-19 travel rules, and, consequently, the information provided in this article, may be subject to change at short notice or without notice at all. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor the provisions or seek advice from our experts.

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