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Studio Arletti & Partners will take part in the ELA Tech ConferenceArtificial Intelligence – New Chapter for the Labour Market?” on Thursday 1st February, in Madrid.

Indeed, Studio A&P has been selected by ELA to present “Efficient EU Workforce Relocation through LLM-Driven Legislative Data Solutions“, its paper on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the new portal Atlasposting.

ELA Tech Conference: digital solutions for labour mobility

The Madrid Tech Conference is part of the European Labour Authority’s project to foster the integration of digitalisation processes in the management of the labour market. The goal of the project is to increase protection and efficiency within the market.

The conference will take place on Thursday 1st February, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (CET)

The presentation of innovative digital solutions, which will include A&P’s contribution, will start from 2.00 pm.

Atlasposting by Studio A&P for a complete management of employees’ assignments abroad.

Based on 2 years of intensive development, Atlasposting is the new Software by Studio A&P for a holistic management of employees’ assignments abroad.

Atlasposting allows to manage all aspects connected to employees’ short- and long-term assignments. By registering to the portal, companies will be able to manage:

  • Immigration
  • Labour law and social security
  • Risk level and security for workers abroad
  • Taxation for the company and the employees

All in one platform

Artificial Intelligence for a quick and efficient management of assignment

Awarded by ELA for the presentation at the conference, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Atlasposting is surely a novelty of great importance for A&P’s Software and, in general, in the field of labour mobility.

The AI’s contribution will be crucial to improve the management of assignments, by increasing considerably the speed and ease of use of the information provided by several international legal sources.

Attend the conference online

You can attend the conference online, by registering by 12.00 pm (CET) of Wednesday 31st January.

Date and time of the ELA Tech Conference 2024

When: Thursday 1° February, from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Presentation by Studio A&P scheduled for 2.15 pm.

Where: Madrid, Spain and ONLINE, at the following link: ELA Tech Conference registration.

More information: find more details in the Conference complete program.

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