Risks assessment for business trips abroad: Webinar in cooperation with Federmacchine

Thursday, May 12: webinar in cooperation with Federmacchine and Marsh regarding risk assessment for business trips abroad.

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On Thursday, May 12, from 14:00 to 17:00, Studio A&P will held a Webinar in collaboration with FEDERMACCHINE and MARSH, worldwide leader in insurance brokerage and corporate risk consulting.

Studio A&P will join the Webinar to provide useful updates and necessary resources to support risk management while scheduling business trips abroad for traveling employees and supply of capital goods.

Table of contents

  1. Risk assessment for business trips abroad
  2. Speakers
  3. For whom the webinar is organized
  4. How to join the webinar
  5. Contact us

1. Risk assessment for business trips abroad

The current geo-political situation requires the utmost prudence on the part of company management in organizing work activities abroad for employees and collaborators. Rising risks entail a greater threat to the safety of the works and, consequently, a greater risk of financial and criminal liability on the part of companies, in accordance with the provisions of Italian law and jurisprudence.

Main topics:

  1. Company responsibilities related to the risks arising from the performance of work in a foreign country.
  2. How to mitigate these responsibilities and problems of traditional solutions.
  3. How to reconcile business needs with the need for regulatory compliance?
  4. The “Risk Assessment” model and insurance solutions.

2. Speakers of the Webinar

  • Alessandro Arletti, Founder of Arletti & Partners
  • Enrico Fontana, Criminal Lawyer, Arletti & Partners
  • Silvia Cascia, Sales Leader, Marsh Mercer Benefits

3. For whom the webinar is organized

  • Company directors and managers;
  • Human resources managers;
  • Heads of the company / after-sales technical divisions;
  • Administrative managers.

4. How to join the Webinar

The webinar is free to participate and reserved for companies belonging to the FEDERMACCHINE associations.

Where it will be held: Zoom online platform.

The Webinar is no longer available.

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