Belgium amends regulation on posted workers

requirements and steps to plan posting of workers to belgium
A Royal Decree provides for new notification requirements for posting workers in the framework of the provision of services.

New obligation about foreign Employer’s Contact Person

A Royal Decree of September 14, 2017 provides for new notification requirements for posting workers. The Decree falls within the framework of the provision of services, implementing the previous regulation laid down by Act of December 2016.

The Decree introduces additional information to include when reporting the Belgian Authorities of a posting.

Foreign Employers posting workers to Belgium must designate a contact person based in Belgium. The contact person abroad will be responsible for liasing with the Belgian Authorities.

This requirement is effective since October 1st, 2017.

The designated contact person must deliver and receive all information and documents connected to the posting upon request until one year after an assignment ends.

The LIMOSA Declaration

The required details linked to the contact person should be included while sending the LIMOSA declaration- the existing notification system available at

Article No. 1, § 10 of the Decree sets further information further information to include in the LIMOSA declaration:

  • The name, date of birth, address, email and phone of the designated person to liaise with the Belgian Authorities.


In case of non-compliance, penalties of up to € 3.000 per posted worker may apply.

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