Austria entry requirements: things you should consider before travelling for business

entry requirements in austria

Entry conditions, negative test and new lockdown measures. Our guide to current entry requirements in Austria for your business activities.

Entry requirements in Austria have been eased by the Austrian Federal Government in the last few weeks. Among the restrictions lifted, the lockdown for unvaccinated people, which lasted more than two months, is no longer in force.

However, some important requirements to enter the Country are still active.

Table of contents

  1. Entry restrictions in Austria
  2. Exemptions to the entry ban
  3. Negative test to enter Austria
  4. Vaccination in Austria and certificates
  5. Lockdown measures
  6. Ask our Experts

Entry restrictions in Austria

An entry ban is in force for travellers coming from a Country listed in Annex 1 (i.e. from a Country where a virus variant has been detected).

However, no Country is currently on this list.

According to the Austrian Covid-19 Einreiseverordnung 2021, travellers coming from any other Country are allowed to enter Austria for any purpose – including tourist travel – in compliance with requirements like:

  • negative test result;
  • vaccination;
  • recovery certificates upon entry;
  • and more.

Are there any exemptions to the entry ban in Austria?

The entry ban does not apply for specific categories, among which:

  • unvaccinated persons against Covid-19 for medical reasons;
  • transit travellers travelling through Austria without stopovers;
  • persons entering as members of the staff of diplomatic missions.

Negative test to enter the Country

In order to enter Austria, travellers shall submit (alternatively between them):

  • a negative PCR Covid-19 test result, performed no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Austria, or
  • a negative antigenic Covid-19 test result, performed no more than 24 hours prior to enter the Country.

Vaccination in Austria and recovery certificates

Other than providing negative test results, travellers can also submit a vaccination or a recovery certificate. In particular:

  • a 2-doses vaccination certificate is valid from day 15 after the administration and up to 270 days;
  • a single-dose vaccination certificate is valid from day 22 after the administration and up to 270 days;
  • a “booster shot” is valid up to 270 days
  • recovery certificates are valid for 180 days.

In addition, between the first and the second vaccination, a period of at least 14 days must have passed, and 90 days between the second and the third vaccination.

Lockdown measures

The Austrian Federal Government has been easing lockdown restrictions.

In fact:

  • The lockdown for unvaccinated people is no longer active;
  • Restaurants cannot remain open from 12 p.m. to 5 a.m., while customers must leave their data;
  • As of February 12, 2022, a vaccination or recovery certificate to access shops is not required anymore. The use of FFP2 mask is still mandatory;
  • As of February 19, 2022 it is possible to access restaurants even with a negative result of a Covid-19 PCR test (taken within 48 hours) or in alternative an antigen test (taken within 24 hours).

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