ELA recognises A&P Software Atlasposting’s cutting-edge technology

Atlasposting, the software created by Studio A&P for the management of employees' assignments abroad, has received recognition by ELA, through its presentation at the ELA Tech Conference 2024.

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Today, February 1st, Studio Arletti & Partners took part to the ELA Tech Conference to present Atlasposting, the software developed by A&P to simplify the management of workers’ assignments abroad, with the contribution of Artificial Intelligence.

The ELA Tech Conference, named “Artificial Intelligence – New Chapter for Labour Market?” focused on the potential of AI implementation in the labour market and in the field of global mobility, engaging experts from all over Europe.

ELA Tech Conference 2024: a new chapter for the labour market?

Held in Madrid, this year’s ELA Tech Conference is part of the European Labour Authority’s project to exploit digitalisation to foster the growth of a more just and efficient labour market in Europe.

In this context, Studio A&P has been selected to take part to the conference and illustrate the results of more than 2 years of development, culminated in the publication of the Atlasposting Software.

Alberto Arletti illustrates the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Atlasposting

Atlasposting for a holistic management of employees’ assignments abroad

The assignment of workers abroad, be it short- or long-term, entails a number of fulfillments to be complied with: required visas for entry, taxation for companies and employees, labour law, travel security and much more.

Companies are exposed to the risk of having to deal with different parties at the same time, to comply with all the relevant obligations. This situation may also affect the monitoring of the assignment, thus slowing down its management and efficiency.

Hence the need for an all-in-one platform like Atlasposting, the software developed by Studio A&P that allows for a complete management of employees’ assignments abroad.

How does Atlasposting work?

Atlasposting is an online platform, accessible upon registration, where companies may upload and manage employees’ assignments, monitoring all aspects related to:

  • Immigration
  • Labour law and social security
  • Taxation for employees and company
  • Health and safety for employees abroad

What makes Atlasposting unique?

The new Atlasposting platform has been designed according to a holistic view of assignments. Thus, it allows to follow the entire process on a single platform.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is surely another significant novelty, as also recognised by ELA.

Among its other features, Atlasposting enables the generation of reports and Country Sheets based on authoritative government sources. These documents may be consulted to monitor the assignment and optimise its management.

AI is able to intervene to automatically evaluate the fulfillments to be complied with, providing clear, concise and legally valid information, according to Italian, European and international legislation.

Alessandro Arletti during the Q&A Session of the event.

“Five years of experience in the field of global mobility and two years of development culminated in the release of the new version of our software Atlasposting. Our software employs artificial intelligence to ensure companies’ compliance with all the relevant regulations for sending employees abroad” – Alessandro Arletti, Senior Tax Advisor and founder of Studio A&P

The recognition by ELA rewards Atlasposting’s cutting-edge approach, which implements artificial intelligence to improve the management of employees on foreign assignments.

Atlasposting is now live: have a look at our dedicated web page and book your free demo with Studio A&P

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