Dr. Arletti at Bologna Business School on International Provision of Services

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On June 7, Studio A&P joined Bologna Business School for an event on “Posted workers, freedom to provide services and international careers“, within the program of the Master in HR & Organization.

Dr. Alessandro Arletti, Senior Tax Advisor and Founder of Studio A&P, had the pleasure to join as Chair of the event to discuss in detail the exciting opportunities that come with international careers.

Practical case studies on international mobility of workers

In light of his 20-year career in supporting companies and individuals in their global mobility fulfillments, Dr. Alessandro Arletti contributed to the event with real-life examples and case studies on all the relevant aspects to consider when managing human resources both in Italy and on international assignments worldwide.

Dr. Arletti lead the event in collaboration with Professors of EU and Labor Law from Universities of Cambridge and Perugia, as well as Directors and HR Managers of companies like Philips and Ferretti Group, and members of the European Commission.

Have a look here at the official poster of the event.

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