ACIMAC Conference on February 9, 2018 on the latest news for the posting of workers to EU and non-EU Countries

On Friday 9th February 2018, from 14.30 to 16.30, Arletti & Partners Consulting for Global Mobility, in association with UCIMA, will hold a free-entry Conference at the ACIMAC headquarter (Street Fossa Buracchione 84, Baggiovara, Modena) in order to inform the companies present on the latest news connected to the Directive 2014/67/EU.

The Directive 2014/67/EU introduced new measures on the obligations to be followed in the case of posting of workers in the framework of temporary/cross-border provision of services, even of minimum duration. All Member States transposed the Directive 2014/67/EU, but each of them put it into effect in different ways.

The topics covered during the Conference are the following:

  • 2018 news related to posting workers to EU countries

Stefano Lugli (Responsible for economic services for ACIMAC/UCIMA)

  • Analysis of the changes in the normative applied by each EU country in cases of posting workers

 Alessandro Arletti (founder of Arletti & Partners, experts of consulting for HR global mobility), Gerd-Hans Schock e Suzanne Donger (lawyers, connecting from France)

  • Latest news related to the difficulties arisen from the procedures for obtaining visa for the USA

Beatriz Trillos Ballerini (lawyer, connecting from the USA, collaborator of Arletti & Partners)

  • Latest consulting services provided by ACIMAC-UCIMA for the associates

Daniela Vasturzo (Arletti & Partners)

At the end of the Conference, the Companies will have the possibility to book a 20 minutes one-to-one meeting with the Speakers to get tailored information about their specific interests.

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